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Fox Force Five

I really would like to see a QT movie based upon the pilot that Mia Wallace did in Pulp Fiction.

Well there is already a cast

"There was a blonde one" DARYL HANNAH

"A Japanese one" LUCY LIU (I know she’s Chinese) or CHIAKI KURIYAMA

"a black one" VIVICA. A FOX

“a French one” JULIE DREYFUS

“and a brunette one” UMA THURMAN IN MIA’S WIG

All the more reason that it should be made…


All the more reason that it should be made…

what he meant was, that Kill Bill IS the fox force five movie already

The Vipers were killers the Fox Force Five were detectives

No, it’s not. ÂÂ

If, that’s a big IF, that’s the case then the movie needs to be made as a prequel.  But, it’s my humble and highly accurate opinion that KB is NOT Fox Force Five. Fox Force Fiver were Special Agents

If that was the case, why was Budd on the scene when Beatrix was killed. ÂÂ

If that was the case, why is her name Beatrix Kiddo not Raven McCoy.

If that was the case, then (using his rationale) the blonde one (Daryl Hannah) would have been the leader…not Bill. ÂÂ

If that was the case, then why didn’t Beatrix Kiddo go around telling one of the many zillion old jokes that she learned from her grandfather, and old vaudevillian?


of course its not a REAL and OFFICIAL fox force five movie, but its practically it. why should QT make a ff5 movie if he already made a movie where there are a bunch of chicks with guns and skills… it wont happen

Yeah come on, billwilliams. Kill Bill doesn’t satisfy the Fox Force Five description word for word, but everybody knows that Quentin and Uma came up with preliminary concepts for Kill Bill on the set of Pulp Fiction, so clearly they are related to a certain extent anyhow.

Then he should make it a prequel for cryin’ out loud. I just think it would be good to see the characters BEFORE the whole Twin Pines Massacre. But that’s just me…


Completely agree with more time spent on Julie, Daryl and Vivica.

O-Ren’s long backstory took a lot of time away from Elle/Vernita

[quote=“Tarantino Forum Admin”]
All the more reason that it should be made…

what he meant was, that Kill Bill IS the fox force five movie already

Isn’t Fatale female??

Sofie Fatale?

no, you?

Do I really strike you as male


Seb referred to you as ‘he’ that’s why!!

He better bend over while I sharpen my stiletto heel

I am not sure a ff5 is at all necessary, actually have leanings on a Kill Bill prequels. Anyways I am newb around here and huge Tarantino fan. Every time Uma and Tarantino collaborate, it’s the best thing the cinema has seen in years. Pure magic and I want more from both of them together. Uma is the hottest actress living today and QT is the coolest dude in Hollywood.

lfy, absolutely rockin sig… QT tells it like it is to the Hollywood bigheads. Curious, QT has made appearances at IMDB from a friend’s account but I don’t suppose he has here, eh?

Yes QT is one of the coolest things in Hollywood but Uma’s acting is not spectacular and her looks are weird.

No, Uma is not the top actress today, but she is highly intelligent and her performance in Kill Bill extraordinary and her features are beautiful too. I find her gorgeous and I would love to meet her some day. Combine all these elements together Uma has the package.

I disagree. Yes she is intelligent but I dont think her performance in Kill Bill was extraordinary. She came across as quite wooden in some scenes (especially in her scene with Sonny Chiba)

I think Pulp Fiction was her best performance because I dont even think she knows how good she is at comedy