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Fox Force Five homepage

I found a cool Fox Force Five homepage :

It mixes the Pulp Fiction backstory with the FFF elements from

Kill Bill.

Even though it fully doesn’t work at all in the QT universe, it’s still cool. But 140 bucks for a tee-shirt? Damn.

hope they get sued so bad

Once QT puts down the bong and picks up the keyboard, it’s the first thing he’s gotta do. Who buys a 140 dollar shirt, honestly?

the really hardcore fans

the kind of people that faint at the sight of their idol

i remember watching Micheal Jackson concerts and seeing all the girls passout and be carried away

replace those girls with geeky film buffs who worship anything related to QT and they’ll buy crap by the boatloads

but that company is really asking for it, greedy bastards

did u look at the page? It’s not even well made illegitimate crap. They just cut-and-pasted from Kill Bill and one other movie, made up some bogus info (But none of it really made any sense at all) and started acting all official. They’re dead.

It’s obviously a joke…

didn’t you read the fine print at the bottom of the Gear page…? :wink:

[quote]Your merchandise will be shipped within 1-3 business weeks* after order is placed. All orders will be shipped within via UPS Ground. Orders to Samoa, Linchenstein, Morocco, San Marino and Malta may take up two years for delivery. Shipping times to other countries may take longer.

All prices are in U.S. dollars. 50% sales tax will be added to invoice for Paris, Texas residents.


A full refund will be given to orders returned within 5 hours and accompanied by the original invoice, and a photocopy of your passport. Returned merchandise should be sent to:

FF5 Merchandise Catalog Returns,

P.O. Pox 501523,

Tierra de Fuego, AR


Please do not mail your returned merchandise, bring it to us.

  • Note :1 business week = 250 bussines days[/quote]

[quote]It’s obviously a joke…

didn’t you read the fine print at the bottom of the Gear page…?  :wink:


Well, I’m an idiot. But still, you know some dumb mother fucker’s gonna do it.

Are these bitches stupid?

The French one was Sofie Fatale ::slight_smile:

[color=Purple]I am a DIE HARD Quentin Fan…but I would never EVER spend 140 bucks for a shirt. So not all of us Nerdy Film Buffs are Morons!!

and i understand its a joke…

I wouldn’t pay for that! Jesus, if i wanted to i could make my own fucking t-shirt

OMG, my lecture got cancelled yesterday, so I started flicking through dodgey day time Tv and I cam across this show…'She Spies" or something lame like that, but it was the spitting image of the sort of show I expected FFF would have been like…with all of the super model-looking spies, each with there special skill, and all the corny jokes… only this one somehow managed to get past the pilot ep, which is a bit of a worry

HAHAHA Wow, whoever made this has a killer sense of humor…