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Four Rooms

Anyone else think this film is bloody awful??? I know I do… even with Madonna and lesbian witches running around in the nude.

ALong with Twlight Zone: The Unnecessary Movie, does anyone know of any good anthology type flicks (New York Stories??? PF doesnt count…)

painful movie :expressionless: i wish it were never made

ah come on. that movie isn’t SO bad. its a funny little film that is quite a mess because the directors didn’t sit together to coordinate. but the acting is fun and the last 2 rooms are definitely great to watch, aren’t they?

Yes they are. I think so too.

But the whole movie is just a nice-to-see movie, nothing more.

But the bet is something you should try at home. Not the part with the finger but you should try the part with the lighter. I havent yet but its that difficult to light it up ten times?

So right now, its your turn. Tell me about your results.

And for all who dont get it. Dont try the finger part. :wink:

we did that bet, we used our bare hands instead of the hatched, though. still hurt a lot.

The last two rooms make up for the first two crapfests.

[quote]The last two rooms make up for the first two crapfests.[/quote]

I also liked the second one. Along with Tarantiono´s episode (that´s the best, imho), it provides the funniest and most abstruse situation. Rodriguez´ part is very good, too, but in a way a lot more conventional than the rest.

But I have to agree with you, the first segment is poor. It could have been better, but actually it is far too much over-the-top and most of the time it´s neither witty nor entertaining.  ÂÂ

Altogehther, “Four Rooms” has become more important to me at silvester than “Dinner For One” :wink:.

I liked the movie, thanks to Tim Roth, he owns this movie. Tim Roth as the bellhop is so fucking funny I can’t dislike the film.

I just caught it last night for the first time since I saw it in the theatre. The first two segments were really hard to watch. Tim Roth is pretty good, though. The expressions he makes are pretty funny. He usually plays toughs or pricks, so it’s nice to see him play a totally different role.

The Rodriguez short is great. It has this sort of evil, live action Warner Bros. cartoon feeling to it. A sick and twisted live action cartoon. It’s weird how cruel all the adults are to the children in it as well ( Antonio smacks that kid in the face pretty hard! ) odd to see that played for laughs in a hollywood movie.

The man from hollywood sequence is fun as well because it is basically a fifteen minute set-up for the final joke. Kinda cheesey, but I dig it.

Best Lines: You were fucked by an oven full of witches?

Did they Misbehave?

Just remembered how bad Kathy Griffin’s delivery of Quentin’s dialogue is. It sound like she is reading it off of que cards. Her bit part in Pulp was great, but she screwed up big time in Four rooms, IMHO.

i just saw four rooms.

agreeing with what everybody else says, the witch part totally blows.

i thought the second room was cool up until david proval starts laughing happily and becomes less psychotic.

rodriguez’s quarter was hilarious, with the alcohol guzzling, cigarette puffing, porno-watching kids. antonio banderas was great as the badass overpowering dad.

QT’s part was the funniest, i thought, especially the end. i was cracking up as soon as Tim Roth hacks the finger and dances his way out of the room as the others are screaming in panic. a great way to end.

I have a question:

Though Bruce Willis had quite an important part during the 4th story, he wasn’t mentioned at all in the credits! Why is that?? I mean, even Selma Hayek gets listed though she “only” had her TV-dancing-girl part in the 3rd room!!!


By the way . . . Did you noticed that in the third room, I think just before the boy is zapping to the “naked dancing-girl”, you can see Robert Rodriguez’ FIRST MOVIE “Bedhead” on the TV!!! It’s a very short part of it: a black/white picture of a girl (I think his daughter) lying in bed, looking into the camera!! :o

It was actually Robert Rodriguez’s sister starring in his first short film ‘‘bedhead’’ you can find this film in the ‘‘El-Mariachi-Desperado’’ DVD SET!

No surprise that R.Rodriguez is a fan of ‘‘kids’’ movies as long as action and horror!

That is propably a reason for the ‘‘Spy Kids’’ Trilogy!

who shoot the sequences between the four rooms (the beginning, or the part of ted at the telephone) ? who directed those scenes ??

and it would still interest me, why bruce willis isn’t listed in the credits!


Tim Roth’s performance totally redeems this movie. As well as Antonio’s performance. They both made me laugh so much.

I loved Tim’s walk. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. ;D

Rodriguez’s part was by FAR the best out of the 4.

Quentin Tarantino’s part -  The Man from Hollywood was ruined by the Quentin Tarantino acting.  Honestly, I love the guys work, I think he’s a brilliant writter and director.  But for the love of god, know your fucking talents and stay away from the fucking screen.  His acting ruined this segment, but still the second best out of the 4… which really isn’t saying a lot.  Tim Roth’s performance actually saved this segment from being absolutely dreadful to just ‘awful’.

Just because all of you guys love Quentin, as do I, does not mean you have to love every single peice of his work, admit when its bad.  I remember in an interview even QT said he miscasted when he casted himself in four rooms. ÂÂ

is it worth watching

Quentin Tarantino’s part - The Man from Hollywood was ruined by the Quentin Tarantino acting.

well, he wasnt really acting. he played himself :-) and that went pretty well ;-)

I saw this movie a couple of months ago, and the only thing i really enjoyed was Tim Roths acting. I thought it was hilarious, but none of the rooms were well done. The first one was just some sort of porn script gone wrong, and the second was alot better but there wasent enough there. The misbehavors was better, but i just found it kinda disturbing. And Quentin ruined the last one for me. The only movie that I’ve seen that man in and liked was From Dusk Til’ Dawn. And even tho i didnt like the movie, i was very impressed with his ability to act like a creepy sexual predator.

Hello there, ive just joined the forum this morning and want to talk Four Rooms, I adore that film and think its one of tarantinos best, his section is brilliant the man from hollywood. Does everyone else agree with me?