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This is a rare item! This suit was made by renowned martial arts distributor Mooto (MootoAmerica.Com for more info!) and is the exact coloring of Uma’s great suit. The ONLY difference between her’s and this one are the two Mooto logos on the jacket and the pants. Other than that everything is dead on especially the color.

The suit was made and distributed in Korea and I don’t think it was ever available here. I won this item about two years ago on ebay and I begun collecting the suits ever since, however, this suit is a little too big on me. I put it on once but other than that it has just been sitting in my pet and smoke free closet.

The suit is 100% cotton, stretchable and VERY comfortable, after all it’s made for martial arts! The size is medium. I did the measurements myself and here is what i have:

Arm Length:57 CM

Chest Measure: 46 CM

Upper Garment: 62 CM

Waist Measure: 27-52 CM

Pants Length:98 CM

Now, remember the material stretches and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you very much and make sure you check out my other Kill Bil auction for shoes to match! Thank you so much for looking!

Price is $350 OR BEST OFFER, so please don’t hesitate to give me ANY offer! The reason its so high is because of its rarity and because i bought it on ebay for higher.

PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR PICTURES, i have many but im too lazy to image host ;D, anyway my email is Thank you so much!!