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Fluid tracking?

Hey can anyone explain what fluid tracking is? and how it differs from normal tracking and shooting on a dolly?..It features majorly in a perfect scene in Panic room, Soderbergh nails it but how can you get that fluidity whilst going through objects. Is it possible to go thu walls low budget??? Cheers dudes

It features majorly in a perfect scene in Panic room, Soderbergh nails it

Fincher directed Panic Room, not Soderbergh.

If i was going through a wall, in no budget, i would make it in editing. Use a wipe or something, a couple of effects to emulate the fluid tracking through a wall. ( two separate shots)

i apologies that was stupid of me it was because i was reading a soderbergh bio whilst thinking of how to the tracking shot Fincher did anyhoo so your recommendation would be to do it in seperate shots but wouldnt that look rele rough and stupid…any transition ideas??

Well, it is not wholely professional, but it can be done by moving it to the wall on one side and then moving the frame over as a transition and then moving away from the wall in the next shot. But this is all theory. I have a very minimalist style and i never have much need for complex shots like this, so i really have nothing to base my words on. It was just a thought. But i would attempt to do that if i have had need for one of those shots. An example would be the start of snatch. When it introduces the characters and they pass stuff to each other, most of it is just crafty editing to make it look like all the shots are joined.