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Five Page Christmas Movie I've Been Working On

Me and a buddy have been bullshitting about entering this five minute or less short film contest

for awhile now but never really had any good ideas of what our film would be about until recently.

He gave me a brief concept of what he wanted to do with it and so I fleshed it out a bit and we

came up with this:

It’s totally not my prefered genre and I was pretty fuckin’ drunk when I wrote most of it so comments

and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is also my first time working with someone else.

Even though he’s a really good friend of mine it was really nerve racking.

Pretty good…quick question, do you think you can actually pull of the wreck scene?

I don’t think so but my buddy is convinced we can do it. I’m not sure how though.

i think its really awsome !! good luck :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow, look at you! Nice.

not mah type of script but its fuckin A good writing

Very nice indeed.