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Fist of Fury and Kill Bill

From a quick search I can see a few mentions of Fist of Fury but no one seems to have picked up on this, so those of you that have a copy, dig it out and re-watch it.

What I noticed in this: The fight against the Crazy 88s is similar to a fight seen in FoF to a degree which, in my most humble opinion, really surpasses paying homage and almost borders on plagiarism.

The fight scene I’m taking about begins with the protagonist (Was Chen his name?) encircled by a goody number of opponents (probably 20-30, but maybe more.), with the camera circling and then a close-up of out hero’s eyes, in exactly the style of Kill Bill. After a few seconds of this Chen makes his first move, nothing actually aimed at anyone, more moving into a stance, as does the bride in KBv1. The enemy shrink away from Chen as he strikes the pose, just as the 88s do from Uma* in KB. The fight commences, and after a short while Chen draws a pair of num-chucks (Either from his belt or from a disabled opponent, I’m not sure), and begins to break dance, slamming his sticks into the ankles of his opponents, felling them like trees and spinning like crazy. Replace slamming and breaking with slashing and severing and you have Uma’s duel-sword tomfoolery**.

The build up of music in the early part of the fight is also similar, but this is an extremely oft-used effect to build tension so It cannot really be said to be copied.

Later in the film again there is a similarity to KB; A sound immensely similar to that of the water-clock/water-feature which clonks away during the confrontation at the House of Blue leaves is clearly present. The sound is not identified as coming from a water-feature (its source remains unknown), but it certainly is extremely similar.

Has anyone else noticed this massive similarities? What are you views on this stretching of the meaning of “paying homage� to this extent?

*Am I allowed to say her name her? Everyone knows it by know anyway but I guess there’s no need to tempt fate.

**I love that word, yet I so rarely get to use it in a sentence :smiley:

i agree whole heartedly: the sound of the water clock is one of the most beautiful aspects of KB