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First impressions of PF

Hello, I have recently become a massive QT fan and think that PF is the best film ever made. What was you first impressions of the film, did it make an impact the first time u saw it.

Were any of you guys lucky enough to watch it in the original cinema screenings? What was the audience reaction like, and how did you feel when you left the cinema.

I was tweleve and I didn’t understand it. But I just loved the soundtrack…

Well I was pretty young, too. And it blew me away. It was so fresh, so provocative, so full of energy, so quotable and my VHS tape recorder really suffered from all the skipping back and forth.

I watched the movie about twice a week. It really rocked my world. It was about the first thing I watched of Tarantino and the first time I watched it I didn’t even know who Tarantino was.

But I loved the film.

I think I need to rewatch it, it’s already some time ago I last watched this masterpiece

yeah i was about 12-13 y.o when i first saw it on TV. My greatest regret is that I never watched the whole film on the first showing, i only watched up to the end of the Mia + Vincent scene.

Anyway I always though that the overdose scene was a great anti-drugs message (tHAT kept me clean for a while) and that there was golden bars in the brief case.

I went to see it with my dad when I was either 16 or 17. I knew what type of movie to expect since I already saw DOGS (My dad didn’t see that yet) so when we walked out the theater, we didn’t say much to each other, but I know that the two of us were thinking HARD about what we just saw.

The only thing I remember him asking me was “So after they left the restaurant, they went to the club, right?”

I always wish I’ve seen Pulp at the time of its release. Its non-linear storytelling has been copied so many times that I’m sure it would have blown me away more had I seen it in '94 or '95. Nevertheless, I still loved it. Back when I was at school in the mid to late nineties, many of my schoolmates would judge your coolness on whether you loved two particular movies. One of them was Pulp Fiction. The other was Trainspotting. They were like the Holy Grail of movie coolness back in the day.

I saw PF for the first time after getting blown away by Kill Bill. All i was thinking the whole time I watched it was “holy shit…this is brilliant…” No other thoughts came into my head. i had never seen anything like it before and was just beginning to realize the genius of Tarantino. I wasn’t a big movie buff before then, so I luckily had not been exposed to any of the aspects of PF that were copied in years to come.

yeah a lot of people went back and watched PF after seeing Kill Bill.

my first time i loved it, i saw Dogs first though and then PF and i have been a tarantino fan ever since

the first QT film i saw was RD and i thought it was just brillant i was 13-14 then i saw PF and i fell in love with the movie first time i saw it i was 15-16

ive then saw JB not a big fan on that movie after seeing PF i thought JB would be kinda the same but i was a bit dissapointed that it wasn’t.

i then saw sin city and it blew me away the part that QT directs is just brill

i’ve recently seen kill bill vol.1 good but different to PF and RD its a kind of mix.

I saw it when i was very young and ignorant i think someone put it on and i said "whats this gay movie!"

Uhh i wish i had a time machine so i could go back and slap myself in the face… :-[

The first time I didn’t get ANYTHING of it… I watched it again two days later and I loved it!!

It is an amazing film :slight_smile:

I was a young adult and had seen, but hadn’t been particularly blown away by, Reservoir Dogs. Well, Pulp Fiction blew my mind.

My first impression was that this was a movie that was going to go all the way. When the Band Apart logo first comes up, along with the first jolt of the theme song, you know you’re seeing something cool and powerful. Next was the conversation between Jules and Vincent. As it was playing, I remember consciously thinking that, though the subject was crude, it was clear that the writer was really in the moment. The scene is shocking but doesn’t offend, because the characters are so logical, and they just keep delving deeper and deeper into the subject of foot messages.

Of course, the second Vincent says that Marsellus asked him to take his wife out, I was stunned. This was a very classic story, almost cliche, but it didn’t matter. What was cliche just added tension, rather than corniness.

Anthologies don’t usually work, because usually most of the stories are terrible, with maybe one that stands out. In Pulp Fiction, they were all great. The only weaknesses to me were in Butch’s story. The pot belly speech was just too weird, and when Butch and Marsellus stumbled into the pawn shop and got captured, it’s like, “wha?” The pawn shop rapists element redeemed itself, though, in the coolest way, getting Butch and Marsellus to make peace.

Of course, the time jump at the end was really cool, but what made it more than just an intellectual idea is how well it worked. When Pumpkin and Honeybunny showed up at the end, the audience groaned. They knew what it meant that Jules’s restaurant was about to get robbed at gunpoint.

I have a clear recollection of Pulp Fiction, because it was one of those few times where you could feel that popular culture had just been josteled, sort of like when “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hit the charts. There is a clear pre-Pulp Fiction and post-Pulp Fiction. No movie has had the same impact since.

[quote=“Thousand Eyes”]
I saw it when i was very young and ignorant i think someone put it on and i said "whats this gay movie!"

Uhh i wish i had a time machine so i could go back and slap myself in the face… :-[

The same happened to me. But I only saw the half of the movie. I thought what a shit. Two days later I watched the whole movie and was like WTF. It is the best movie ever. But at this time I hadn’t seen Reservoir Dogs yet…

i saw it and thought it was the best thing i had ever seen and still do

My first memory was being around 5 years old, walking into video stores all across my hometown and seeing the Pulp Fiction video for rent, but they always had little homemade post-it notes on the cover that read “Warning: Must be at least 21 years of age to rent”. Being only 5 years old I really started to think this must be one hell of an evil movie. Then I remember my mom and dad rented it and hated it (didn’t understand the non-linear storyline and found the Marsellus rape scene “unnatural”). Then I remember being about 8 and my uncle telling me about it and how he wasn’t allowed to watch it either (he was about 15). I still thought it was evil but my uncle was the guy that got me to love movies to begin with, so I respected his opinion. Then I remember him telling me he had a bootleg he got from a friend (it was labeled under some Discovery Channel special so noone would know).

Then when I was older “Kill Bill Vol. 1” came out and decided to give Tarantino a shot and asked him to let me borrow his DVD of “Reservoir Dogs”. It blew me away. Then I saw “Kill Bill Vol. 1” then “Vol. 2” (this time in the theater). Then when I got my mom into letting me buy the “Pulp Fiction” DVD.

The rest is history…

21!! youve got to be fucking kidding me im still not 21 and ive seen the worst of the worst, fuck every one i knows seen pulp fiction and worse before they were 21, thats such bullshit censorship policies like that just breed pussys

It was just…OK. NOthing special about it.

I’ve first seen it…um quite young,it was on tv. I thought it was goddamn boring, then I watched it again at 14 and loved it, but then i forgot about it. The i watched at 15 and was blown away lol I guess that’s when I properly understood it

[quote=“Thousand Eyes”]
21!! youve got to be fucking kidding me im still not 21 and ive seen the worst of the worst, fuck every one i knows seen pulp fiction and worse before they were 21, thats such bullshit censorship policies like that just breed pussys

That’s what sucks about conservative-overrun small towns, man. They did the same thing to all the South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut videos. A movie ultimately about taking down The Man getting hassled by The Man, something ironically funny about that.

First impression - what a crap going on TV, killing, f*ckin’ dancing etc (i barely watched it for 15 minutes… Only the next time i watched it (from the begining to the end - i loved it (and was shoked at the same time). PS: music one of the best soundtracks ever!!!