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First Act of my Zombie Pilot

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any of my work on here so I figured I’d post this just to see what whoever cares enough to read it thinks. It’s the first act of my still untitled “Zombie Pilot Script”. The entire script is pretty close to finished (I’m just struggling to stretch it into a full “hour” length show) and I’ll probly end up posting the final product when it’s done but, yeah, here it is.

As far as titles are concerned I’m leaning towards either “Fallout” or “Caydem Falls”.

Nice. I like it. But when you introduce Justin and Shelly, you then call him Brandon as he reaches up her shirt, and then when Justin gets home he tells his parents he was at the park with Becky. Did you change the characters’ names after writing? It’s pretty good though, can’t wait for some more. ;D

Damn! I went through the thing three times checking for that very mistake. I’ve had such a tough time coming up with characters names with this one for some reason so a lot of them have changed many times. Justin was originally Kyle, then, Alex then Brandon, then finally stuck with Justin. I think Karl’s the only character who’s name hasn’t changed.

Thanks for the compliments.

Got the full thing up now if anyone’s interested.

It’s still probly not long enough to make up a full episode but I told the story I set out to tell and this isn’t really something I ever expect to get made. It’s just me more or less testing myself to see if I’m even capable of writing a series. That and it was the first time in a long time that I came up with an idea for something, sat down to put it to paper and the whole thing just sort of came to me. I ended up mapping out like three seasons in one night and still felt excited about it in the morning so I just couldn’t stop myself from trying. I’ve got this posted on a few other screen writing forums so I think, depending on the feedback, I’m either gonna start scripting the second episode or try to turn the series into a feature length script.

P.S. Anybody who’s got something they’ve written and want feedback on feel free to start a thread. I’m no expert by any means, not even a professional, but I’ve done more than my fair share of researching the art and reading unproduced scripts and I’d be more than willing to give your stuff a read. If you don’t feel comfortable posting the whole thing, just a scene or a synopsis is cool. Or if you’ve gotta stage fright thing my PM box is always open. I’d just like to see this forum get back to what it was when I first came here, so feel free to share.

NICE! It’s really easy to visualize, and the Walker boys are very easy to care about. I think it’s really good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

If anyone’s interested the first three episodes are online now. You can read them by clicking the image in my signature or here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … Itemid=166”></LINK_TEXT>

The idea is that I’m supposed to have a new one up every Wednesday but I’m slow, lazy and easily distracted so the odds of me staying on schedule are pretty slim.

Will shoot them ? Or is it more like a try to stay on schedule if you’ll once shoot them as a real series ?

I’ll probly never shoot them. I don’t think I’d ever have the budget. It’s called a virtual series. Rather than actually air a series like a real network does a virtual network just “airs” scripts. It’s basically just an elaborate role playing game where network television is the theme. I tend to think of it more as practice for writing on a schedule. If nothing else it’s an excuse to keep writing and stay motivated.

Oh yeah, that’s what I thought. But then again if you “force” yourself to write every wednesday orgive you only two days a week as a real pro schedule, you might be ready if you once get a contract to develop your own series as a screenwriter.

Really cool man…read 1x01. Couldnt stop till i finished it!

Thanks. Episode Four should be up tomorrow.