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Final Draft help needed

i just downloaded it and got it working, now

i wrote about 10 pages in Word a while ago and i copied and pasted em into this motherfucker and now i gotta adjust everything in here wich is gonna take me a while

now i got a few questions cause shit looks easy but its more complicated than i thought (plus im jsut a beginning screenplaywriter so dont blame me)

ok first off

everytime when i type a characters name and its dialogues do i need to select it and say what element it is?



I said a please would be nice?

everytime i type VINCENT do i need to select it and click on that shit in the top left corner and say its a Character so it will put it in the centre, cant it just remember it or somethin? (get it?)

and same goes for the dialogues and actions and shots etc.

plus can i get a little tutoral on what all of this means and when do u have to use em cause i still dont get it






thank a BUNCH

cause converting all of this microsoft word shit into final draft is a pain in the ass and ive got the feeling its gonna cost me houres, especially cause im typing it in another language too

maybe deliveryman can help me with this cause i noticed he uses it too

you can PM me if u want cause this prog looks awesome once you found out how to work with it



I’ve been using Final Draft for a while now.

You only need to do what you’re talking about once, not everytime your character has a line.  I recommend learning the hotkeys for this program, because it’ll save you a lot of time.

For example, for a character to speak, just press tab, and type the first letter of the characters name.  For example if the character’s name is Bubba, press tab, then “b” and then enter.


i shall investigate it

plus can i get a little tutoral on what all of this means and when do u have to use em cause i still dont get it






INT- This means that it is an INTERIOR scene set indoors or in a car.

EXT- This means that it is an EXTERIOR scene set outdoors.

CONT’D- This means that the scene is being continued onto the next page.

(V.O.)- This mean’s VOICE OVER. The character is not in the physical space of the scene but is narrating.

(O.S.)- This means that the character is physically in the scene and is talking but is OFF SCREEN.

You use EXT and INT in the scene heading to describe if the scene is INTERIOR odr EXTERIOR. (ex. INT. JACK RABBIT SLIMS - NIGHT)

You use (V.O.) and (O.S.) next to a character’s name when they are talking.



Do You find me sadistic?..



This Pasadena homemaker’s name

is Jeanne Bell. Her husband is Dr.

Lawrence Bell…


cool, man, i figured the first two out but not the rest, thanks alot