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Final Cut Pro/Studio or Avid?

So I have Final Cut Studio at the moment and since I go to film school I am going to get a Student discount on Avid media composer.

What I wonder if there are any people who use Avid on this website and if anyone knows what is a better editing software Avid or Final Cut Pro/Studio

bump anyone?

I’ve used both. At the moment I use Final Cut Pro. But I was taught on Avid to begin with. Which one you use out of both of those programs is negligible. Final Cut Pro makes up about 49% of the industry at the moment and the rest is Avid, so really it is like half-half. If you go to film school, you should check out the Avid suites they have available to them and see if you like it. Avid is often not easy to use, but with training it is fine. It may be that you just don’t like Avid and don’t have the patience to learn it, in that case just stick with Final Cut Pro. For the sake of the industry it would be good to learn both, but I don’t think it matters much anymore ever since Walter Murch edited Cold Mountain on Final Cut.

When it comes to sound though, Avid Pro Tools is by far the best choice for a dedicated soung editing program. I don’t know of another sound editing program worth a damn and I’ve done 5.1 Surround mixes in Pro Tools.

In my humble opinion, Final Cut Pro is a professional editing program. I think it still has a “prosumer” atmosphere surrounding it though. Avid has always been considered the professional program and is the one film students are trained on, but really there is no easy way to answer a question of which one is better. But I can tell you what programs I use:

Final Cut Pro for picture editing

Color for the grade

Adobe After Effects for titles and basic visual effects compositing

Avid Pro Tools for sound

Awesome, thanks for the info. Yea I have a student discount for Avid Media composer for only $350 dollars which is good since the original price is like 2500. I have final cut studio and shake and some adobe programs.

I don’t have Avid Pro Tools but I use it sometimes for school in our sound studio.

Right now I use Final Cut Pro for video editing

Shake for green screen/Chroma Key

Color, for Color correction and grading

Soundtrack pro sometimes, for foley sound effects.

and After effects for motion graphics and small effects

hopefully by the time I graduate I will be able to get Avid Pro Tools. But as of now whenever I do real audio like a VO or regular audio I go into the studio at my school to use Pro Tools. But hopefully after I am done with school I will have Pro tools. My brother is in a band and their drummer works at a studio but in their house they have pro tools. Maybe they could help me with getting pro tools.

Do you know how Avid is with color corrector, cause Color is a final cut pro only program I think. I heard Avid has a great color corrector on it, but just getting more opinions. Also do you know how the key-frames and transitions are on Avid.

I agree with you about learning both that is just why I am asking questions cause I might be getting it soon. Maybe even sooner then I thought. But I will learn both in the future.