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Films with epic cinematography

How about a thread dedicated to films with rich, glorious cinematography?

It goes without saying:

And of course the pride of Australia, Christopher Doyle

And Richardson

In the Terrence Malick topic :

  • Badlands and any Tak Fujimoto contribution to Shyamalan work

    In the same style, Bonnie and Clyde cinematography, or The Virgin Suicides, or Scarecrow

    Also Saving Private Ryan, you could say it’s epic too.

    We have to find other ones.

    Btw sorry, I’m too lazy to pick my dvds and make captures. But feel free to add some.

Roger Deakins

The Assasination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, The Shawshank Redemption,

No Country For Old Men

Robert Elswit

There Will Be Blood, Magnolia

I never understood all the fuzz with The Shawshank Redemption, it’s a good movie but that’s all.

Thre Will Be Blood and The Assassination of Jesse James : good ones.

the shawshank redemption is most loved by people who’ve seen about 3 films and love anything hopeful and positive in its outlook but I must admit its a wonderful film. A throwback to frank capra tales and visually it captures the period perfectly - its an example of hollywood at its best.

I thought Shawshank was cool.

I alway thought the cinematography in the Searchers was pretty fucking extraordinary. But then that could be said for most of the better westerns from that period.

Oh yeah, and Vittorio Storaro’s work on Apocalypse Now, and fuck a duck ain’t the cinematography the shit in Heaven’s Gate! Vilmos Szigmond knocked that bitch outta the park.

Barry Lyndon anyone? 8)

[quote=“G”]Barry Lyndon anyone? 8)[/quote]

You know, I am ashamed that slipped my mind. Cause it usually comes to mind when I am thinking about cinematography.

Every frame in Barry Lyndon is like a painting. It is a reminder that using only natural light is a viable option.

I dunno what you mean by epic but Darius Khondji stunned me with My Blueberry Nights, it’s probably also a lot of Wong Kar Wai’s mind too. But, oh boy!

(click on the image to view full size)

Those are just images picked randomly from google, I don’t have the heart to do captions, but I think those are convincing enough for someone who haven’t seen the movie.

[quote=“RatQuiRit”]I dunno what you mean by epic but Darius Khondji stunned me with My Blueberry Nights, it’s probably also a lot of Wong Kar Wai’s mind too. But, oh boy!

Darius Khondji came to speak at my university. We had a Question & Answer and then they screened Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait, which he shot. He’s a really cool guy.

Someone asked him what he would describe as his style or what he aims for or something to that effect and he said that he didn’t have a style, he just tries to complete the director’s vision. But you’re right, he is a fantastic cinematographer.

He was in town to shoot The Ruins. Haven’t seen that yet though.

I love My Bluebbery Nights, but I guess that’s not epic.

Barry Lyndon certain is, i’m also ashamed to have forgotten it. Apocalypse Now is certainly epic too !

i havent actually seen barry lyndon, its weird just by looking at that screencap i can tell it was filmed in ireland.

once upon a time in the west must be up there in the cinematography stakes too.

I’m a big fan of Andrei Tarkovsky and the visuals he was able to capture. Amazing stuff. I’m particularly fond of the cinematography in The Sacrifice, The Mirror and Andrei Rublev.

the candle scene in nostalgia is amazing.

Kurosawa’s Ran