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Films screened to Actors

Does anyone know which films Quentin screened to the cast while filming?

I wish I knew.


didnt he show them The Good the Bad and the Ugly? Thought I heard that somewhere

No. Probably a lot of Pabst for the Fassbender character, i mean he is a critic and manages to save his ass in chapter 4 for a bit. He fucked up when he did the whole “3” thing. I imagine a lot of Pabst and other UFA films. I don’t know much about UFA, I’m still discovering Hollywood films from the silent and Golden Age. I also don’t have much like to the European films simply because of the acting. I love screen actors like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Claude Rains, etc. In European films they don’t have that glamour in their films, y’know, they feel a little too real, and too real is what I don’t like.

Anyways I asked because Brad pitt and Diane Kruger mentioned that QT screened at least 25 films and some of them WERE NOT European, and she also said they were of that era. There is a small refrence to Greta Garbo when they play and she was Hitler’s favorite actress. So I imagine they screened Ninotchka, which I fucking love. Melvyn Douglas is one of my favorite character actors. And Diane Kruger played the role very well -she’s a double agent/actress so she’s really acting within her character -so it’s like two performances in one which is interesting. it’s hard for actors to do that and the best of the best of “Acting within acting” was done by Anne Baxter in All About Eve.

[quote=“Movie_Villain”]didnt he show them The Good the Bad and the Ugly? Thought I heard that somewhere[/quote]

Yeah, I also read that in some interview, Pete mentions it here:

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