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Filmostal (our productions)


We are from Poland and since year we are making our own short movie’s ,fictional trailers (trailery) ,some scene’s to not existing film’s and posters (plakaty).

Please ,say something about it.

What do you think about this film’s ?

it’s our page:

I’m sorry for my english because I know it is not so well.

they are awesome man, great sound, VO, editing, everything perfect grindhouse style too

Very cool man. Good work. And don’t worry, you speak English much better than I speak Polish. :wink:

I found on google very intresting option.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … l=pl&tl=en”></LINK_TEXT>

it lost black background and this site now is a little damaged ,but it is in english if someone want to read about us.

This is the new address of our site :