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Film VS Film

I wasn’t sure where to post this…

This is a game. Basically one person will give a choice of two films, and the next person has to choose between them, and then post a new choice for the next person.

E.g. : Person 1: Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs?

Person 2: Pulp Fiction.

Goodfellas or the Godfather?

Got it?

Ok …

Jackie Brown or Out of sight?

JB, So now is it my choice?

ok i read it, so it is my choice,

Night of the living dead VS. Dawn of the dead

Dawn of the dead.

28 Days Later VS 21 Grams?

28 Days Later.

A Clockwork Orange VS. 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill

Pulp Fiction

The Good the Bad and the Ugly VS Once Upon a Time in the West?

Good,the Bad,and the Ugly

American Splendor VS. Ghost World

American Splendor

Key Largo vs. The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon

=> Raging Bull vs Taxi Driver

Raging Bull

Shawshank Redemption VS The Green Mile

The Green Mile

The Sixth Sense vs The others

Sixth Sense

Night of The Living Dead VS Assault on Precinct 13(Original)

Night of the Living Dead

Oceans 11 or Oceans 12

Oceans 11

Blue Velvet vs. Mulholland Dr.

Blue Velvet

Swimming w/ Sharks VS. Office Space

Office Space

Twin Peaks(pilot) vs Eraserhead

Twin Peaks

Black Caesar VS Hell up in Harlem

Black Caesar.

The Icredibles or Finding Nemo?

The Incredibles

Foxy Brown or Coffy?