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Film School v Self Education in filming?

Hey guys im getting worried about the whole should i go to film school or spend the huge amount of money it would cost to go there on making shorts or a feature length movie. On both sides its a risk due to you being skint! what else do you think can sway the jury on this fundamental filmmaker question? Enough of my alliteration what do you think?

this has been adressed alot here and i still think the same; go to filmshool, spend the few bucks, it never hurts, in filmschool you’ll make shorts for free, you’ll learn stuff, the dream of every aspiring director (including myself) is making a full leangth film, but theres nothing worse than watching your dream collaps because you arent experienced enough, go to filmschool, finish it, get a decent budget together and make your film, send it to festivals, go from there, because being a graduate from filmschool helps you alot, you’ll impress juries more, they’ll feel that they wont be waisting their time on you, because you know the basis of filmmaking, you’ll meet more people, because right now you’re a nobody with a camera, basicly, i can’t mention enough how many guys went to filmschool, got lucky and made a classic film (Spielberg (duel), Lucas (american graf), Mann (thief) … to name a few), once again: it can never hurt, go there, learn, film and try to make it your profession, if you’ve got the drive, that’s one, having the knowledge is another

Yeah boy film school sucks if you are a very strong artistic/weird individual because most of the time you’ll be ending up learning, studying and making morality tales. Believe it or not, I do go to film school in the LA area. Most of the film classes show a lot of high art movies and hardly any B films, unless if there’s a class about them. I know a friend that shot a rape scene as a short film and got condemned by the instructors because it has no meaning other than rape. WHO CARES IF IT HAS MEANING, HE JUST MADE IT, BOY. I feel ashamed because I haven’t made one. You can’t make a rape or porn film or try something new because everytime you do that, you get turned down. I still feel raw about film school and I kinda regret going there but I try to turn my anger into power. I WANNA MAKE A PORN, YEAH.

Just curious Hal boy, where you from?

Yeah I don’t give a fuck. We are all gonna die anyway but I want to do something that I have no regrets for the rest of my life, yeah. Recently my roommate committed suicide and that idea just knocked the sense out of my head.

[quote=“Snake Charmer”]
Suicide…if she/he was a Catholic they’re burning in hell right now…[/quote]

See that’s one of the reasons why I don’t believe in God. Always about good/evil distinction. You know in Stephen Chow’s movie Fight Back To School part 2 he retorts to the priest saying that if Jesus wasn’t crucified, he wouldn’t have gone to heaven. So why should he believe in God? You seen The Last Temtations Of The Christ? Best movie ever about Jesus. 10 times better than the Bible and Passion Of The Christ.

stop fucking this thread up, kids

Ok.I zip my mouth for this thread.

I’m from England, and whats with the hal boy lol its just Hal…anyhoo enough of the film school stuff if you want to make film make films if you wnat to blow $$££$£$££$ go to film school thats my bottom line. But film school is still a possibility

Yeah boy that’s my style, mate. You gotta have style not only in life, but also in the forums.

Yeah boy that’s my style, mate. You gotta have style not only in life, but also in the forums.


Buck is funny…anyhoo how is everyones work going atm im slacking due to the powers that be at college but short film to be made soon (in pre-production) and trying to start and complete my first script. Also a little question how do you get your short movies on imdb that would be class!!

I say If you’ve got the money and the patience learn as much as you can.

Me personally, I’ve had enough schooling for one life time and don’t really

want someone trying to tell me how to express my artistic visions.

Buck you should see if you’re school has a free psychiatrist or at least

someone you can talk to, cause you’re pretty fucked up man. I mean come

on you’re rambling to yourself on a message board.

Lots of good film schools don’t necessarily cost a lot. NYFA that advertises everywhere is really expensive ($22,000 for the year course right now), but others at universities are more reasonable but more spread out. As a plus, going to film school gets you skills and quite possibly good networking with people in the industry who will give you internships which will land you jobs and experience. At least that’s how I see it…

Holy shit 16 you make a good point but I still ain’t bitting. My advice for Halo6 is to make your movie your way. But who knows, maybe you end up in cinematography, a DP.

I have in easy ride i go to collage for free four years, at temples film school. but i dont want it to teach a style instead of creating one.

From what I know, film school is good if you want film business connections and maybe learn some technical/setting up lights shit, but other than that it just a waste of money.

Another plus side to going to a school is free equipment. I don’t know if they all work

the same way but my buddy’s going to school for digital video production and they let

him borrow cameras, microphones, and that kind of stuff for free until he graduates

and gets a job.

and for what he spent on tuition he could have bought his own equipment and learned by DOING. I’ve never been to film school, but I would imagine it isn’t any different than the courses that I took in college - I had some dipshit in high-water pants telling me how to make a million

[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
and for what he spent on tuition he could have bought his own equipment and learned by DOING.

I think Tarantino mentioned the same thing. Watching movies is probably the best film school there is.

[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
and for what he spent on tuition he could have bought his own equipment and learned by DOING.

Maybe, but not many stores take Financial Aid or hook you up with a job.