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Film Review Anniversary

Very cool issue, it listed Resevoir Dogs as one of the 5 most influential movies of the past 55 years along side Rebel Without A Cause, Psycho, Star Wars, and Jurrasic Park. It was a hella long article so im not gonna type it all but one thing i found very interesting beacause this is very true to me is that the writer said that Resevoir Dogs will be the Star Wars for a new generation of film fans. Resevoir Dogs is the film that started it all with me, the film that really got me interested in cinema and now im film school bound so its a very personal film. Didnt really shed any new light on the film but was a neat article.

The magazine also revealed what they believe to be the best 55 films, actors, and directors of the past 55 years. If anyone is really interested in one of those topics ill type them up just say so.