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Female tarantino fans

rite. I write films, and when i started studing then (just A Levels) the teacher kept saying that Tarantino was crap (bastard!) but i really didn’t know who he was, i’d heard of him and his films, but i hadn’t scene them.

So i decided that i wud watch dogs and i thought is was fantastic, it was so different, and i just kept thinking ‘hummm, Mr Brown is FINE’ Then i found out that that was tarantino and i was hooked.

Also, i finially started to get the whole ‘guy richie is a poor tarantino rip off’ thing.

He is a beautiful man with a great mind and he just makes the best movies, they completly blow me away whenever i watch them. The only anoying thing about him is that i’m working on a film with a strong female lead, and it has a revenge plot,(i was doind this b4 i heard about Kill Bill) and hes done it first, so my whole ‘original screen play writer’ thing is screwed, but i cant hate him.

On the pussy scene, y not? i dont see what’s so wrong about showing it, what they did to her is the bit i dont like, but we dont see that so it’s cool.

I’ll shut up now!!

I havent heard from the ladies lately so I’d thought I’d give this thread a bump. So… here’s a little more on how I got into Q.

I saw Res before I heard any buzz around it, I picked it up because it looked cool. I loved it! It was disturbing to watch, and I only watched it once, but I thought it was a great movie, I didnt know who directed it. Then after I saw Pulp I did my research. I learned True Romance (another fav) and NBK were written by the man and I’ve been following him every since. I don’t follow many other directors at all. I’ve noticed not a lot of women do, we tend to follow actors. But I know once Kill Bill comes out, with all the ass-kickin bitches in it, he’ll have even more devoted female fans.

Another female fan here! I have been a fan since I saw True Romance in college. I have followed his career ever since. I love the way he tells a story. His movies are very unique and entertaining. The violence, and stuff does not bother me. I was not offended by the pussy scene in Kill Bill. Everything that Quentin touches is gold. I love all of his films and it is hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose, I would pick Pulp Fiction. Also, (being the beautiful brown sista that I am), I love the fact that he has really loves sistas! So QT if you are avail…i’ll be your bitch baby! :slight_smile:

[quote]We definitely need many more girls in here.

This is Toothpick Vic Vega sendin a big shout out:


Dont be afraid to speak up and let us know your part of the club. :slight_smile:

What up Toothpick, I am a sista Tarantino-ite giving you a shout out baby!

Aight, Quentin has a brilliant mind and all that but I don’t think I want him to father my children, so you have like… 1 less person off the competition out of what? Thousands? Millions…?

My dad (whom I’ve since been estranged from) recommended me to watch Pulp Fiction and I procrastinated like hell to finally go borrow a copy. I kick myself mentally now and then for that grave mistake. Anyway, I was hooked at Pumpkin and Honeybunny’s table and by the time it was over, I had it on replay again. The dialogue! It was sparkling! I mean, we’re talking about a couple of gangsters about to lodge some bullets into some guy’s chest and they are talking about royale with cheese and foot massages? HOLY MOTHER OF MARY. The same with Reservoir Dogs. Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.

But everyone else I’ve recommended it too were non too impressed. (“It was too violent”) Stupid mainstream lovers. So I only have one other Tarantino fan friend whom I can talk to about. Yes, she’s female too! I think there are many female Tarantino fans. It’s just that they can’t really be bothered to fiddle with forums and such.

I am kinda new to this forum, but its cool. Must say that the Forum Admin is doing a great job. :-*

I am a female fan. I really think Kill Bill is a real chick-movie. But I dont know more girls who like Tarantino movies also.

[quote]I am a female fan.

Jeez that sounds stupid. I meant being a QT fan AND being a woman. For the rest I prefer men. :wink:

Well the first Tarantino film I saw was Kill Bill. My dad wanted to see it and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about with Quentin. I see it and I am speechless. I was impressed by everything in that film and I knew I had to see more.

I rent Pulp Fiction and I am amazed how the dialogue could be so fucking good and how one film could be this good. Same with Reservoir Dogs, although I liked it a lot more the second time watching it.

I have recommended some of his work to my friends and they seem to love it. Many people I recommend it to, though, hate all the bad language and violence that are in his films.

Yea! I feel loved. According to QT, he said that the strongest defenders of Reservoir Dogs generally are women. He’s not sure why… lol. But think about it: women might be turned off by the violence, but when has QT ever made women in his movies these frail little flowers?

-In Reservoir Dogs, Nice Guy tells a story about a super-hot black woman he knew who took “revenge” on her wife-beating husband

-The whole “Bonnie situation” dialogue revolves around a guy afraid of his wife coming home and finding a dead body, meaning she’ll divorce him

-The Wolf’s girlfriend ain’t no pixie

-Mia Wallace certainly isn’t either

-EVERY chick in Kill Bill…

The list goes on and on. It’s clear that QT has a huge respect for women (maybe he’s hoping it will help him get laid - lol).

RD is my favorite movie, by the way - so I guess he was right.

[quote]Same with Reservoir Dogs, although I liked it a lot more the second time watching it. quote]

You found that, too? Weird - I felt the same way. First time I saw it I was kind of underwhelmed, and the second time I absolutely loved it. Maybe it’s because you’re not longer filled with all the suspence of “what’s gonna happen next”, because you already know, so you can just sit back and enjoy the humor aspect.

[quote]We have at least SOME female Tarantino fans amongst us.

I think it is very cool that this obviously male-dominated movie genre has some female fans.

It would be cool if these women could introduce themselves here and tell us what their opinion about it is, and how they got into Tarantino.

I wish there would be more girls in here, would be interesting to have some female opinions about the “pussy” scene in Kill Bill for example  :slight_smile:[/quote]

Exactly what pussy scene are you referring to? The Pussy Wagon? Budd’s comment about the “cutest blonde pussy”?

ask Hollywood Hogan lol

I think like three people know what I’m talking about


Exactly what pussy scene are you referring to? The Pussy Wagon? Budd’s comment about the “cutest blonde pussy”?

hehehe, no, do you have read the script? Tarantino planned to film something more in the hospital scene. when Budd offered the bride to the guys..
I´m just on the way to work, when I will have time, I will give you a better answer later.

I’m a female QT fan.  :smiley:

I got into QT back in ‘96.  I was completely bored one day, and borrowed some movies from my cousin.  One of the movies was “Pulp Fiction”.  I’d heard of the movie before, of course, but I just had no interest in it for whatever reason. ÂÂ

After seeing it, I was hooked.  I watched it I don’t know how many times over. lol  Then I did some more looking in to Tarantino and stumbled across Reservoir Dogs, and the rest is history.  Now I own every DVD, every soundtrack…I’m just hooked.  I don’t know what it is about Tarantino that I love so much.  Maybe it’s his excellent knack for storytelling and dialog?  No telling!  But I’m glad I discovered him when I did, and I’m a very loud and proud fan!

As for the ‘pussy’ scene…eh.  It’s Tarantino.  There are a lot of things he does in his movies that people have to take with a grain of salt, but I think that’s part of the magic.  I love when people aren’t afraid to push the limits and do things that are ‘taboo’.  I guess there would be some people out there who would think that scene degrades women, but in my opinion, nobody can be degraded unless they allow themselves to be degraded.  For instance, lots of people say rap videos degrade women.  I feel that the women who CHOSE to be in those videos degrade themselves.  It’s not the rappers or the rap videos’ fault. ÂÂ

I think Tarantino has great respect for women.  Hell, Uma Thurman is a beautiful, talented, SMART woman.  If Tarantino was a misogynist in any way, I highly doubt she would agree to work with him or remain friends with him after all these years.

And that’s my two cents.  :slight_smile:  Thanks for the warm welcome, fellas!  ;D

i love the way that in QTs films, women are as strong a character as the guys! Theyre fighting, snorting drugs etc … i cant stand no movie where the females are all whimsical & no brained! I like to see women kick ass which is probably why KB is my movie from heaven!

Its good to see other females here & on kb2 forums who love the movie too !! Go us! :smiley:

Ive been into QT (so to speak LMFAO) since i saw the Pulp Fiction cover in a local store about 8yrs ago! I thought “whos that super cool bitch!” She lookexd like my type of person & i ive been an uma fan ever since!

I picked up a copy of THE FACE mag soon after & that is still my fav interview with anyone EVER! the photos of her are amazing. If u can get a back copy DO! i dont remember the date but shes on the cover! 8)

yeah, i’ve been into QT for a little less than a year. He’s an amazing film maker. RD and Desperado were the first Tarantino based movies I saw.and i love them. i read parts of the kill bill script, i don’t think people would have gone crazy if it quickly panned by, but if the camera was positioned there for like a 1/2 a minute the critics might have been pissed off. But remember, it’s QT, he crosses the line sometimes, but not usually. 8)ÂÂ

I got into Tarantino a couple of years ago. I saw Reservoir Dogs when my cousin recommended it to me and I loved it so I started watching any Tarantino film I could find. However Reservoir Dogs is still my favorite!

I’m a QT fan, and a big Kill Bill one. I was a fan of Kill Bill before QT tho. Oh, and I want a Pussy Wagon keyring. Even tho I don’t drive, it would still be nifty to have!

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