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...Fear YourSelf

2 men…

…found hell in their way…

Or maybe… Hell Founds them.


A-I cant believe what we have done, we are worst than them

B-Sometimes a man can do so many thinks that he doesnt know that makes me sick.

You know, this is not normal man, we are crazy. I kiled him and i fucking enjoy it, i cant believe that.

A-Those motherfuckers make us kil them.

B-No, everyone is like them, we hope from the first day of our life that we aren,t but everyone is.

I don’t feel bad, he doesn’t deserve a life more than an animal. If i had the change, i would have kill him again. Hell yeah i would.

A-So what’s next, kill them all? what makes us then. why we are better man?

B-Because we have a fucking purpose in our life. We hafe a life, a future. We can make our life better and others too. I may not be a god to judge who will live and who will die but i can see the difference between an animal and a human. Your actions makes you human, not your appearance. When we are born we are mindless animals. Some of us get better and some worst.

We hunt them down and we kill them. No second thoughts, no mercy, just pure fuck until they die in pain…"

A small part of something that im writing for some time. tell me your opinion please :slight_smile:

What’chu talkin’ 'bout Wiilis?

:smiley: indeed you can’t understand almost anything. its about some guys that meet evil and choose to fight it back 10 times more. something like this