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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Criterion

anyone looking forward to this?


I am.unfortunately I live in Australia though,so I have to wait till I get some money so I can order it

The packaging is really great.I love it how Criterion always have specially designed artwork for their dvds.I recently bought the Royal Tenebaums,which has beautiful packaging

I have the regular Fear and Loathing DVD, the movie soundtrack and the book. I dont know if I’m gonna get the Criterion edition anytime soon. Its cool though. The cover has Steadmans artwork from the book, nice!

Hunter S Thompson RULES!!! Hes one of my heroes.

Pour some Chivas Regal, smoke some hash and sniff some amyls!! :slight_smile:

"We were somewhere around Barstow when the drugs began to take hold…"

I also have Where The Buffalo Roam on tape. It stars Bill Murray as Hunter. He did a pretty good job. I gotta say Johnny Depp WAS Hunter in Fear and Loathing. From the mumbling to the spastic movements. 8)

Lol yeah, I ordered Where the Buffalo Roam on dvd just because I heard it was about Hunter. The movie itself is nothing great, but oh well, that happens sometimes when you order movies with a whim. There are some funny moments though.

I already got my copy!

First off, the packaging is fuckin beautiful, I’m not just talkin about Ralph’s original artwork, but Criterion threw in a plastic sleeve-case (ala Gilliam’s Brazil) thus making the bats in 3-D!


3 audio commentaries

tons of Ralph’s drawings

Gilliam’s storyboards (Which strongly resemble Ralph’s work…Were they smokin the same shit?)

3 deleted scenes

Footage of the real Dr. Gonzo at a seminar

Johnny Depp reading Hunter’s work

An excerpt from the audio CD, “Breakdown at Paradise Boulevard”, a scene that wasn’t filmed.

Production Stills

Footage of Hunter on the set

A BBC documentary on Hunter from '78. I enjoyed this one.

Trailer/TV Spots (Hell, Gilliam even gives commentary on the damn trailer! How often does that happen?)

If your a fan, then this sucker definetly belongs in your collection!

where did you get it? the release date is Feb 18!

Apparently, this rumor was true!

Barnes and Noble had accidentaly(?) released copies weeks ago and I saw it for myself yesterday. $36 bucks, but I’m damn happy with this purchase.

I don’t know if B&N have chains worldwide though.

Haha just got my copy in the mail the other day! This is the best dvd of 2003…it’s only March, but still…

I’d love to own a copy but I don’t really wanna fork out $53.53 ( + taxes… I’ll probably get it eventually… but there’s alota other DVDs I want first.

[quote]I’d love to own a copy but I don’t really wanna fork out $53.53 ( + taxes… I’ll probably get it eventually… but there’s alota other DVDs I want first.[/quote]Damn, criterion can really jack up prices.

I know, but it’s worth it. After I get From Dusk Till Dawn, I’ll pick this Criterion up as soon as I save up.

Ok, just got this, along with FDTD.

Fear and Loathing is really overwhelming to watch the first time, but the second and third viewings you really appresciate it. A shitload of extras. Buy it now! The box art cover itself is worth the price!

I got it two months ago and it was a good dvd.I love Hunter S Thompson.I have the book and Where the Buffalo Roam.

RUM DIARY is dope and Benicio is going to direct - hope they get Depp again to play Hunter!

I hope Depp does Willy Wonka AND Rum Diary!! That would rule! :slight_smile:

What is RUM DIARY? Is that the sequel to Fear and Loathing?

Rum Diary is a book Hunter wrote before that - one of his earlier novels that he just released in the past 6 years

Just got Fear and Loathing Criterion a couple days ago. I forgot how much i love this movie! It’s hilarious! I’ve already watched it four times! The special features aren’t anything great. They’re ok. I think i’m gonna get the poster. I’m about to start reading the book, too. I love this movie. The first scene is the best. It’s hilarious. “We can’t stop here. It’s bat country!” “I’m gonna miss him”

What are you talkin about? The Johnny Depp/Hunter S. Thompson correspondence alone was almost worth the price of purchase.

Johnny Depp’s reply to one of Hunter’s angrier letters: FUCK YOU, TOO LATE