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FDTD comicbook?

Ok, I am a total little bitch for not knowing this…but where can I get this?

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … comic.html”></LINK_TEXT>.

Wow, I didn’t know that even existed. :o

I saw it a while ago, but to be honest, I don’t have a single idea where you can buy it :-</E>

Probably at

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … l&til=4358”></LINK_TEXT>

Thanks! Thats pretty cheap too! :smiley:

Cool. I didn’t know about this either. I wonder will it have the (mall?) scene they never shot that QT talks about on the commentary thats supposed to be too cool for school?

I might order it from ebay. I buy tons of comics off there. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … p=1&fsoo=1”></LINK_TEXT>

Edit: check the DELUXE version!

Thanks! Thats pretty cheap too! :smiley:

No problem ;D

Dude, that is for the win. I had no idea it existed.