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Favourite Grindhouse Fan Trailers for SXSW Contest

What are yours?

Mine are Hobo with a Shotgun, Tetas de Muerte, Snuff’s Enuff, Dead Noon, Cannibal Hookers from Hollywood, Stormtroopers of the Apocalypse and Boxcutter Showdown.

To see em, scroll through all the Grindhouse Fan Trailers for SXSW Contest on YouTube: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ouse+entry”></LINK_TEXT>

I think we’ve all pretty much decided on Hobo with a Shotgun :wink:

Indeed, but any others?

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Cool, though this doesn’t sound good:

[quote]He said Machete could be made as a direct-to-DVD film – but I didn’t think he sounded entirely serious about actually working on the project.[/quote]