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Favorite Vampire Killer

Mine’s Seth Gecko and Sex Machine

i think the coolest vampire killer is Sex Machine (before his change) and Seth with his Jackhammer.

Yeah, Sex Machine rules them all ! But Fred Williamson has a few cool bits, too. I like the way some of the short shots with them look in the movie. The way they move in each of them and their facial expressions are very amusing if you pay attention to them.

My favorite vampire killer is Seth Gecko.

Either Blade or Vampire Hunter D

Sex Machine hands down

Don’t know the guy’s name, but I really like the black guy with the cigar. He seems effortless as he kills vampire after vampire. I love it when he takes that toothpick/wood stick to stab the heart and kill the vampire. Hilarious

I don’t give a shit if he died half way through the movie…

It is Richard Gecko. Did you see how he stabed the shit outta whats-his-face.

[quote]It is Richard Gecko. Did you see how he stabed the shit outta whats-his-face. [/quote]

He wasn’t really a vampire killer, but a killer, no doubt. I like how he shot the sheriff in the head in the gas station,BOOOOOOOOOM, right through the cowboy hat!!!

George clooney for me he is the best.

vampire killers lets kill some fucking vampires!

fucking clooney is the man!

That black guy is my favorite. Played by Fred Williamson.

[quote]That black guy is my favorite. Played by Fred Williamson.[/quote]

Frost, king of the Vampire bats.


Favourite vampire killer: Sex Machine (before the change)

Favourite vampire: Salma Hayek a.k.a. Satanico Pandemonium (before the change)

I don’t like that asian kid, but the Supersoaker full of holy water thing is too cool.

Sex Machine and Seth, when Sex Machine is turning into a vampire, thats fucking funny, when his hands change he put them on his back and he is smiling at the asian boy ;D

Yeah, definitely Seth and Sex Machine…thats quite an interesting gun he had installed there…

btw, Titty Twister, I’ve been staring at your signature for the last 20 minutes. Cool shit.

:smiley: Sex Machine

Yeah, sex machine is a vampire killing master! I was very sad when he transformed into a vampire himself :smiley: . His style is damn cool. I just think of his scene with Gregory Nicotero and the penis-gun and I laugh like a child :smiley: . But Seth Gecko is still my favorite character in this movie. He has style, he has the best dialogs and monologs and his weapon is just great! And when I think of his damn cool tattoo, I wanne go to the next tattoo-shop and get this cool thing on my arm :smiley: .

The Faithless priest is the best, the shotgun cross was great