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Favorite Short Skit from Coffee & Cigarettes

Favorite Short Skit from a somehow great film?

  • Those Things’ll Kill Ya
  • Twins
  • Somewhere in California
  • Renee
  • No Problem
  • Cousins
  • Jack Shows Meg His Testa Coil
  • Cousins?
  • Delirium
  • Champagne

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I just saw the film last week and it blew me away! Mines definetly those things’ll kill ya,


i wanna see it too :’(

Renee. She was reading a goddamn shotgun magazine haha.

Yeah Those things’ll kill ya is my second favourite.

Though “Delirium” ist the funniest piece, i vote “Cousins?”, mostly because of the great performances by Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan.

Those Things’ll Kill Ya


Those Things’ll Kill Ya


Is that the one with Iggy Pop? If it is, then that’s my favorite.

The one with Iggy Pop is Somewhere in California

Ok, then Somewhere in California it is. Haven’t seen it in a long time tough.

Is that the one with Iggy Pop? If it is, then that’s my favorite.

nah its one with Joe Rigano and Vinny Vella (and his son), who were both in Casino and Ghost Dog, i love these old italian guys, they always have style, no matter how ugly, old, poor or fat

Yeah, Those Things’ll Kill Ya is the best one.

Yeah, saw the film quite a while ago at the cinemas and then bought it when it came out on DVD.

Renee is badass and i love Somewhere in California. I’ll probably have to go with Those Things’ll kill ya, though. The whole film is just fucking cool.

I love Jim Jarmusch! He is one of the best directors around!

oh yeah and they aint skits, they are vignettes

The Twins.Cate Blanchett Is Absolutely Amazing!

I Just realised that the skit I wanted to mention is “cousins”,not “twins”!