Favorite Movie Studio Logos

Which movie studio logo is your favorite? This can include any studio such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, MGM, Warner Brothers, etc. and also fake companies like Rosebud (Evil Dead 2). My favorite is the Universal logo that was used in the early 80s films like E.T. and Scarface.


A Band Apart…so cool,

hell, they’ve even got a nifty web site:


cant beat the old school Warner Brothers logo

Haha then it was cool, look at it now:

The MGM logo…with the lion…loll

I actually like the Miramax logo with the city and all… pretty neat

And I love the Blue Underground logo/dater (although this is not a movie studio)

In terms of Hollywood I love the RKO Radio Pictures logo.

As for my own country I quite like the Gainsborough Pictures logo

Model’s name is Glennis Lorimer.

Toho and Shaw Brothers Studios had good opening logos. They seemed to say, “you are going to be treated with something good.” and you usually were.

Yeah, the Miramax with the city by night, the Band Apart, the old RKO, and the Focus Feature (not actually a logo).

What does the Blue Underground look like, Seb ?

I like the Paramount one and of course the A Band Apart Logo

I like the one that has the tiger jumping out at you in the jungle. I think it’s a Mel Gibson-owned company.

The Shaw Bros logo is just like Warner Bros !

I’m surprised no one put Cannon Pictures… Rambo, Death Wish, any Chuck Norris '80’s flick!

I’ve seen golden harvest a gajillion times ever since the days of the Ninja Turtles.

check this site out, for putting logos on items etc


Mine favorite : 20th Century box, Warner Brothers and Paramount…

Universal has always been my favorite.

Universal studio logo is my favorite…

My favorite movie studio logo are 20th Century box and Warner Brothers.

Mostly I watched all movies of these logo.