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Favorite Kill Bill Character (explain)

Who is the best character from both volumes?

  • O-ren Ishii
  • The Bride
  • Elle Driver
  • Bill
  • Vernita Green
  • Budd
  • Pai Mei
  • Johnny Mo
  • Go-Go Yubari

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The Bride





Can’t pick myself. Do you have a preference?

Elle’s the most evil, Bill’s the coolest, Budd’s the only one you wish didn’t have to die, O-Ren was just awesome, Vernita kicked ass and the Bride, of course, is the Bride.

This has been done, but I’d like to request that you not nuke it, mods, as the flood of BS posts coming in is knocking real topics off of the board.

Mine is, by far, Budd. That is a real man, no question about it.

Well I always find that Budd’s the only one I don’t want to die - not because I loved Mr. Blonde from Dogs, but just because… I dunno. Maybe just because Madsen’s so freakin’ cool. Who knows?

I third the motion for Budd.

That’s a character!

With no doubt: Bill. The coolest, most charming, intelligent and perfect “build” movie “villain” ever on screen. Great!

I say BILL as well!!!

He was cool and calm the whole time. totally badass!!!

Has anyone here actually seen that old TV show David Carradine was in in the 70’s - Kung Fu? Apparently it was super popular and he was a huge star and then… nothing. Tarantino really likes trying to jump-start old actors’ careers… can we say Travolta?

I saw the original season premiere/made for tv movie and used to watch The Legend Continues all the time.

[quote]Has anyone here actually seen that old TV show David Carradine was in in the 70’s - Kung Fu? Apparently it was super popular and he was a huge star and then… nothing. Tarantino really likes trying to jump-start old actors’ careers… can we say Travolta?[/quote]

David Carradine had done some great stuff, he just wasn’t a very commercial actor. He wanted to do things his way, and started out by taking a lot of ballsy independent roles…however, the lines between cutting edge independent cinema and crummy B cinema became really blurry and before you knew it, Carradine just ended up zombie walking through pure crap…until Kill Bill.

Anyway, I hope Carradine sticks around, and puts out some good material for at least another decade. He definitely proved in Kill Bill that he still has it.

Oh, and Bill is definitely my favorite diva. I would have told you Budd based off of the script, but Carradine made Bill so much better than I was originally led to believe just based off the dialogue.

O-Ren owns all. After all, she was the only one out of all of them worthy to have an entire chapter dedicated to her.

Kung Fu is the Shit!!!

In a strange coincident i just bought the first season on DVD…

so it was cool to see a couple of episodes again b4 seeing vol.2…

heres one for the nifty little shit thread: On Kung Fu, in the episode “an eye for an eye” i think there is a scene where the main female character shoots a guy with a double barrel shot gun with rock salt shells…

I wonder if Quentin got the idea of Budd doing the same thing from that episode…

I’m not sure. Rock salt has been used in a lot of movies and tv shows. Hell, a shotgun full of rock salt has even been used in one of the Bond movies (Octopussy, I think). Still, how did the scene play out? Was it anything like in Volume II?

I have done a similar post around a month ago and Budd was definitely the forum’s favorite! But I love Elle! She’s such a wonderful bitch (but I would never like to meet such person in real life :stuck_out_tongue:!).

I have no idea what it is about Michael Madsen, but he somehow makes it impossible to hate him, no matter how evil he is - in fact, he always manages to be the most likable… who knows?

Some of Madsen’s career choices have made me seriously want to hate him, but only because of all the wasted potential. Seriously, though, I think so many QT fans like him just for the simple reason that he was born to be a consistent player in QT movies.

What I’m trying to say is, in Tarantino movies, there are actors that do a great or decent job in his films as they probably would in any other movie and then move on to other things some which are just good, even better, or far worse than Tarantino’s stuff:

Harvey Keitel

Bridgette Fonda

Robert De Niro

Tim Roth

Lucy Lui


And then you have people that were just born to be Tarantino players. They may be good actors on the whole or they may just be bums who can’t do anything without QT, who knows? But, in any case, these guys and gals click with QT’s work like no other set of actors. They bring his work to a new level, and in turn, he brings there work to a new level, and things aren’t ever the same with the two unless he or she as the actor and QT as the director are working together:

Samuel L. Jackson

Uma Thurman

Michael Madsen


Madsen, like Thurman and Jackson was just meant to be a Tarantino regular. He utters the kind of words like Tarantino would utter them…if he were cooler, or blacker, or a woman, or what have you.

Anyway, thats just my theory. It still has some kinks in it, and it may be entirely wrong, but I’m standing by it for the time being.

i have had the luck never to have seen a Madsen mistake - just Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, … and then Thelma and Louise and Free Willy, which threatened to kind of take him down a cool notch, but at least it was a good movie. If I ever rent My Boss’s Daughter, feel free to shoot me.

You’re right, Madsen definitely shouldn’t have severed ties with Tarantino, but then again… could he have really been Vince Vega?

I think that Madsen is a very good actor in general. Perhaps Tarantino gets the most of his talent out of him, but Madsen is good. He also gives his voice to the main character of the PS2 DRIV3R game (coming in summer I think!) and I’m pretty sure he will be great since the game has to do with the mafia world and the main character is supposed to be a bad cop who gets involved in missions etc. I’m looking forward to it!

Elle! No doubt on that one, 100% pure bitch!

Budd and Bill are my two favorite characters. :slight_smile:

Well, the Bride is the best, but otherwise it’s:





Budd-Nothin’ against him, good acting, just… I donno.