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Favorite FDTD Track

Favorite Track from the From Dusk Till Dawn Soundtrack

  • She’s Just Killing Me - ZZ Top
  • Mexican Blackbird - ZZ Top
  • Texas Funeral - Jon Wayne
  • Foolish Heart - The Mavericks
  • Dengue Woman Blues - Jimmie Vaughan
  • Torquay - The Leftovers
  • Angry Cockroaches - Tito & Tarantula
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
  • After Dark - Tito & Tarantula
  • Willie the Wimp (And His Cadillac Coffin) - Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

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Mines Dark Night!

After Dark, the only track that doesnt get bored

Mary Had a Little Lamb, Dark Night is a close second.

After Dark! :smiley: just love it :smiley:

Dark Night and She’s Just Killing Me. I gotta get the disc.

Hey, where’s Dark Night by The Blasters? Guess I’ll have to vote for After Dark, followed closely by Texas Funeral and Angry Cockroaches!