Favorite DVD Commentary


The Royal Tenenbaums was pretty informative.

Spinal Tap with the band still in character is funny as hell.

Bubba Ho-tep’s “Elvis” Commentary is pretty funny too.

I tried to watch the Edgar Wright/Tarantino commentary of Hot Fuzz but they pretty much just listed off a bunch of movies and I wasn’t in the mood. I ended up listening to Edgar and Simon which was pretty good. Nick and Simon making fun of Edgar’s first action movie was pretty funny too.


Anyone know where I can download commentaries? Fan commentaries?


Huge commentary fan, one of the reasons why I buy certain DVDs. As previously said, it determines if I make a buy or not, haha.


The Karate Kid


Dazed and Confused

Donnie Darko

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

True Romance - Tarantino

From Dusk Till Dawn

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare…too name a few.

Worst ever: Exorcist - William Freidkin, who basically narrates the movie.


Wow I love the Karate Kid! Who does the commentary?


Wow I love the Karate Kid! Who does the commentary?

Yeah, it’s my favourite movie of all time! The commentary is awesome. Director, Writer, Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita just riffing for two hours straight. Info, trivia, anecdotes and laughs galore, haha. If you love Karate Kid check it out, you’ll not be disappointed.