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Favorite detail in Vol 2

Another cool detail - The Bride pulls the razor out of her boot, just like Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.

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maybe it was just me, but i remember when i saw kill bill 2 in theaters, when Bill was talking to Beatrix in that first black and white scene, but does anyone remember seeing that her ear ring was green and also her eyes, during a face shot??? but when i watched it on dvd it wasnt there,


The shot you are asking about was completely Black & White in the theater too… at least in Vol 2. However, at the end of Volume 1, when it shows that shot, her eye and earring are colored.

maybe that was it, but i remember watching it in the theater, and some one saying “look its green”" but idk

I think QT was just experimenting with the color on black and white but the final print of the movie is right to have it entirely black and white.

No, it was never Green in Volume 2. I remember noticing that it wasn’t green (having known it was in Vol 1’s clip) the first viewing of Vol 2. Just check it out if you doubt. Not that it really matters

yea i just watch it , thats weird putting in the same scene in Vol 1, than not having it in vol 2. weird

oh yea, my fav. detail as to be in Vol 1 where she is walking around with her swordf in Tokyo if you look in the back ground every extra has a sword. ( i know you said Vol. 2, but i didnt wan to go llook for it please forgiveme :’()

the Bea and Karen convo - and how at the end Karen thru the hole in the door says “congratulations” and takes off.

The cool, long pan away from Bea, Tommy and Bill, to outside revealing the DiVAS and then hearing the guns. cool pan away.

Superman speech from Bill

the sprung guitar sound when Elle lands on Budd’s body.

SPOILER (as if anyone here hasn’t seen KB2 by NOW)

The unexpected pluck of Elle’s other eye - sooo wasn’t expecting that…dunno why it didn’t enter my mind.

ok, I think I’m veering off “fave detail” and more or less targeting fave moments. Meh…too bad.

My favorite details or parts in Kill Bill (vol 1 and vol 2) are probably:

From Vol1: The shot where Beatrix sees Sofie Fatale and remembers the phone… and in the flash back you see Beatrix falling to the ground, then it freezes and you hear the cell phone… then Sofie answers and then bam she hits the ground. That’s just so great.

From Vol1: Where Beatrix has Sofie call O-ren out and the revenge music starts but then is interupted by Bea cutting Sofie’s arm off… as if to say “There’s no time for that, bitch"

From Vol2: I love when Pai Mei throws Bea using his legs… how he spins around twice. Well, I guess it’s one and a half times.

From Vol2: The fact that Budd’s boss has a shot gun next to him. What the hell is that for? I remember thinking the first time I saw it “Uh, what the hell’s going on with that shotgun” but then nothing happens and then you realize that scene is only there to show how shitty Budd’s life is”

[quote]the sprung guitar sound when Elle lands on Budd’s body.[/quote]

That sound was made from the guitar that Beatrix smashed against Budd’s worktop!

Hang on The Bride shouted out O-Ren Ishi we have unfinished business…it wasnt Sofie who shouted it. Uma’s Japanese was flawless at that point which is why people might have mistook her for Julie

Another cool detail for shaw bros. fans - All of the sound effects during the pai mei fight scene sound more like sticks hitting each other than flesh. Just like old kung-fu flicks.

I also love it when Beatrix yells out to Oren that they have unfinished business. It makes me want to speak Japanese.

I love when Elle reads the information about the black mamba to Budd as he dies. And she finally finds a way to use the word Gargantuate, pretty cool.

I love how it showed how hard Pai Mai had been training Beatrix that she hit the sement call in her sleep in the training sequence.

This is pretty cool but if you blinked you missed it. When Beatrix fought the crazy 88s in the huge group in the main area on the first floor she split one of the guys in half down the middle from head to crotch. That was crazy.

So yeah those are just a few I could think of right now!

[quote]This is pretty cool but if you blinked you missed it. When Beatrix fought the crazy 88s in the huge group in the main area on the first floor she split one of the guys in half down the middle from head to crotch. That was crazy.[/quote]

Err, yeah, well youd have to have your eyes closed if you were to miss that. No offence.

It owns in the Jap version. :slight_smile:

The second set of end credits (the ones with Goodnight Moon playing) are the best credits ever, in my opinion. Seeing Uma’s sexy hair blowing in the wind with that kickass song playing and the dope 40s melodrama feel was almost too much…the graphic design in this movie is fucking brilliant.

I found another detail that is fucking awesome while watching Vol. 2 today. When The Bride is about to open the door to Bill’s hacienda, she pulls out a gun and an effect that’s the equivalent of an “ooohhh, ahhhh” is played over the soundtrack. Fucking brilliant.

I absolutely agree with Goatfish, I think that the most detailed scene is the one where Budd talks to Larry. The faces, the conversation, the voices, the everything!

It makes me laugh right now too.

And Bill talks to groom.

But Pai Mei scene is just priceless. Just like Hatori Hanzo swords.

Beatrix shouting to Oren Ishii about unfinished business.

The whole musical collage while Beatrix was chewing through the 88’s.

Beatrix and Go Go Yubari dialogue.

Bud and Larry dialogue, though Larry looks like an asshole he’s right and higher than kite.

Bud discussing salt rock in Beatrix’s tits and the spitting scene. And the shot in the ass.

Bud’s gravedigging companion, “Woah, look at those eyes. This bitch is furious.” And he continues to prattle on and Bud gaves him a WTF expression and ignores him.

Pai Mei’s two shortlived fights with Beatrix and arm dialogue, which he forces Beatrix to beg.

Esteban and Beatrix dialogue.

Bill’s Superman Monologue proceeded by “GOTCHA!”. Hilarity.

The music at the start of the Oren Ishii and Beatrix duel, and the final somber music at Oren’s demise and Beatrix arms raised in victory – Beautiful.

There’s many more memorable moments…

When Pai Mei Flips his beard.

When Bill says “aren’t we all” and looks at Bea.


By the way, some day’s ago I marked plaster on the finger of Elle (how the plaster on the Marcella’s neck in Pulp Fiction). Fortuitousness or next mad thing QT? :o ???

P.S.: sorry for my English – I’m from Russian. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: