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Faux Trailers

Post some of your favorite faux trailers:

House Of A 1,000 Muppets

The Shining

School Of Rock

Never seen that Muppet one before. Awesome.

Office Space

Reservoir Droogs

A Christmas Gory

Uncle Buck -

That Office Space one is good. I really enjoyed the Shining one though.

Here is another funny Uncle Buck one- <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ed&search=”></LINK_TEXT>

Clerks 2 -

Mrs. Doubtfire -

Scarface -

Dumb and Dumber - ;D

So far Office Space is the best, keep them coming

Taxi Driver

American Pie:

I fuckin’ love this thread! 8)

I fuckin’ love this thread! 8)

The Usual Suspects:

That Shining one cracks me up everytime I see it. It almost makes me want to see a romantic comedy version of The Shining.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:

Home Alone:


Ace Ventura:




They should so remake Elf as this. “I’ll Fuckin’ Kill you!” lol

The Ring: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ed&search=”></LINK_TEXT>

the trains planes and automobiles is fuckin hilarious!

scary poppins: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ed&search=”></LINK_TEXT>

sleepless in seattle : <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ed&search=”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ed&search=”></LINK_TEXT>

Dancing With The Stars - Grindhouse Edition ;D:

[quote=“Eastern Beauty”]
Dancing With The Stars - Grindhouse Edition ;D:


Willy Wonka:

Wizard Of Oz:

A Hard Day’s Night of The Living Dead:; - saw - top gun