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Fatal Move (2008) (Sammo Hung, Wu Jing, Simon Yam)

“Fatal Move, an ultra violent Hong Kong gangster movie with fight sequences that stand out for their stark brutality as yet unseen in Chinese cinema”

  • quite from the official website

    A new film by Dennis Law (Fatal Contact). The cast is pretty damn impressive: Sammo Hung (as a gangster boss), Wu Jing (the young villain from SPL), Simon Yam, Danny Lee and Suet Lam. Set for release in March 2008.

2nd chance, You’re welcome, It’s My Pleasure.

I hope, they learned from the Invisible Target / Flashpoint Boxoffice.

Making of:

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I like older Sammo Hung. He looks cool with his greying hair. 8) That was one of my favourite things about SPL.

Doesn’t look bad (Sammo and the film). Cool to see Danny Lee in action again (haven’t seen anything from him since his early 90’s cat III films).

Lee Sir was in Heat Team [ a cop ] and Shark Buster [ dunno that one, but he played a cop also, a-priori-presumption ]. The late 90ies and Millenium he cultivated some proper looking c-movies like Romancing Bullet,, White Storm, fine stuff only for the absolute action dreck fans.

Now officially Cat III for “strong violence and thematic material of triadâ€

Holy shit, the new trailer makes this look like a like George A Romero film. Cat III for a reason :smiley:

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Expected Release Date: April 24, 2008.

Next to Playboy Cops, which i hope is sth like Sunshine Cops. Or Young Policemen in Love.