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Fast and Furious

Has anyone seen it yet?

I went to the cinema a few hours ago and saw it. Yes, yes - I even said it would suck, but to my own surprise the film was fantastic! I wasn’t bored by it from the very start, Although there was a certain issue I had with it


There is a certain character that becomes the driving force that drives Vin throughout the film. It is a revenge film, and the character that pays the price is none other than Michelle Rodriguez. Yes she dies very early on, and I wanted to see more of her since I really haven’t seen her on the big screen since…geez - Resident Evil and BloodRayne (I walked out of this one in the first 15 min). And throughout there are some very impressive race sequences and gun battles that ensue near the end. Hell this film was better than the original, I was really impressed by it. I’ve had several misconceptions of other blockbuster flicks like Watchmen and through and through I’ve been completely wrong about them.


See it for yourselves people, this film is better than all those other car films, like Vanishing Point, etc. It’s just charming and fucking great. 8)

I did!!!

I did saw it yesterday, it was amazing!!

I mean it’s bad but good. A guilty pleasure as they say, I think I liked it because it felt like a videogame, sort of like an rpg game about cars with a trivial plot to keep things interesting.

Friends dragged me into it and I must say that I was entertained, although I prefer car chases that are shot differently.

Yeah but the movie served its purpose. If the film is made to entertain the audience, then it is a successful picture. Critics tend to nitpick films like these, and I don’t see the point. This film is not about plot, story, or character work – it’s just there for mindless fun. And hey it was fun, wasn’t it?

yes it was fun. but even in the mindless fun category I’ve seen better. i agree that it’s one of those movies where it is pointless to even read critic reviews.

I’ve seen better too.


Resident Evil.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I’ve seen better too.


Resident Evil.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

It’s been to long since I’ve seen the 1st one, I remember disliking it. but 2 and especially 3 were great. so much fun! i hope Nr.4 gets made

The first one is the best man! Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez sharing the same screen and killingzombies with their bare hands! That will never, ever happen again!

it’s on my “gotta watch” list.

You betcha. Oh get the Deluxe edition DVD, it has THE best commentary track you will ever hear in your life!

I swear.

damn, i wanted to get the blu-ray. now i dunno.

Blu Ray?!

You rich boy.