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[FAQ] The Kill Bill F.A.Q - read now

Hello everyone

This Forum offers so much information it gets harder and harder for newbies to find accurate answers to the questions. That’s why I’d like to set up a FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - AND ANSWERS topic, that includes many of the usually asked questions.

Looking for questions about the Kill Bill Soundtracks?

Click HERE for the official Volume 1 Soundtrack FAQ

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If you want to help, here are the rules of how to post in this topic (I want to keep this topic clean and with nice overview so please only post following these rules):

  1. Do not post a question you don’t have an answer to. If you want to help, surf around in the Kill Bill section, sort out some questions, find the answers to it and then post them here
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QUESTION: Is Tarantino in Kill Bill? Does he have a cameo?

ANSWER: Tarantino “plays” a dead corpes in Volume 1. He is one of the dead killers with masks on the floor. Tarantino does NOT appear in Volume 2 as far as we know

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QUESTION: What’s the name of the Film that plays while the Bride and Bill are in a conversation (and then Bill drops the sword)?

ANSWER: The Roy Rogers flick is The Golden Stallion from 1949. William Whitney directed it.When Bill drops the sword on the table, at the exact same moment in the movie playing on the tv someone gets punched and it makes a nifty sound effect. Also cool is that Uma has the same mean look in her eyes as she’s about to go for the sword and kill Bill that Roy has as he’s about to have a showdown.

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QUESTION: In Kill Bill vol1, when Uma and Sophie Fatale were in the bathroom, Uma remembers Sophie at the wedding massacre, but in vol2, Sophie don’t go into the church with the rest of the killers. why?

ANSWER: Sofie doesn’t commit any shooting or beating. She obviously enters the church later to talk on the phone, which you can see in the flashback

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QUESTION: What’s the end of Sophie Fatale? Is she still alive? Or did Bill kill her?

ANSWER: She is still alive. The Bride chopped both arms off her, and she ends up in the hospital. Besides, Sofie is not one of the killers on the death list

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QUESTION: What book is pimp Esteban Vihaio reading?

ANSWER: The book that Esteban Vihaio reads is “The Carrucan’s of Kurrajong” by Jasmine Yuen. Jasmine Yuen Carrucan is one of the crew members. The book is a fake

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QUESTION: Why is there no Pussy Wagon in Volume 2?

ANSWER: The Pussy Wagon is actually Quentin Tarantino’s car. It was originally destined to be blown up by Elle Driver in the desert in one of the two chapters cut from Kill Bill, but ultimately Quentin decided that he was too attached to it and decided not to film the scene. He stayed true to the script in terms of what happened to the Pussy Wagon. This is why Beatrix says “The pussy died on me” and why it did not appear in Volume 2.

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QUESTION: What is the deal with the masks the crazy 88’s wear?

ANSWER: The masks that O-Ren’s hench men/woman (the Crazy 88) wear are a tribute to the Green Hornet television series, which starred Bruce Lee as a mask wearing martial arts hero. (There is also the point that QT said if Bruce Lee was still alive, he would want him to star in Kill Bill)

QUESTION: What is the deal with the poison and potions and such things as ‘The undisputed truth serum’ used in Kill Bill?

ANSWER: The original script featured the Bill character to be a master alchemist. The liquid in the syringe Elle Driver has was pointed out to be a concoction created by Bill entitled “Goodbye Forever”. These potions/elixirs were to be detailed by on-screen subtitles. The Bride would also use a mix called “The Undisputed Truth” to get information from Sofie Fatale. “The Undisputed Truth” was used on Beatrix by Bill in Volume 2.

QUESTION: I read that Gogo has an alleged sister, Yuki, and that there is a chapter called ‘Yuki’s revenge’ is this true?

ANSWER: Yes this is true. The character Gogo was originally written as two characters: the twin Yubari sisters, Gogo and Yuki. Gogo had almost no lines and after her death at the hands of The Bride, Yuki would seek her out, only to be killed as well, in the “lost” chapter “Yuki’s Revenge”. All of Gogo’s dialogue would have been spoken by Yuki. Tarantino references this lost character/scene in the first chapter of the movie; when The Bride is standing outside of Vernita Green’s house, you can faintly hear an ice cream truck jingle. This was originally supposed to be Yuki, who stalked The Bride in an ice cream truck.

QUESTION: When was Kill Bill filmed and how long did it take?

ANSWER: They started shooting in May 2002. They took a break at Christmas and then did a month or two in 2003. Filming lasted 9 months.

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QUESTION: Is that guy who kicks the cigar butt in the anime sequence (Prety Rikii), Bill?

ANSWER: David Carradine said that QT told him that the killer of O-Ren’s parents in the cartoon was indeed BILL. Apparently QT specifically requested this from the animators. So the story would go, that O-Ren, becoming professional herself, forgives Bill as she understands that it was simply “business” and accepts his offer to work with him.

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QUESTION: Is the Church really in El Paso, Texas

ANSWER: The church scene was shot in the Mojave Desert outside of Lancaster, CA.

QUESTION: I noticed at the bar in Mexico when the old man says to the Bride, “Bill shot you in the head” that it looks like Tarantino with make-up. Is that him? Does QT appear in Volume 2?

ANSWER: No that old man is Esteban Vihaio, the pimp of the mexican whorehouse played by Michael Parks. QT does not appear in Volume 2. He was however supposed to have provided the voice of the Pai Mei character, but this idea was later scrapped.

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QUESTION: Is it true that The Bride cut her way through 88 bodyguards before she got to O-Ren?

ANSWER: Nah, there weren’t really 88 of them. They just called themselves “The Crazy 88”. IMDB says that in the restaurant, she kills 57 people.

"According to Shingon belief in Japan, the number 88 represents all the evil in the world. You can do a tour of 88 buddhist temples to free yourself from all these evils."

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