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FAQ - Kill Bill Volume 2 Soundtrack Questions

hmmm… that would be a pity. Heard so often cool stuff I never found again. :frowning:
I don´t have the blue ray. But I´ll try to make it somehow accessible to you, what I am talking about.

You should have the bluRay :slight_smile:

Got it. 1:12:56 (1h, 12min, 56s), Bill does his last breath, Elle stands up an collects all the money on the floor. This scene is escorted by awesome music. Tell me, whose this is! :wink:

Very sure it´s Ennio Morricone…


Sounds like Robert Rodriguez’ guitar actually

So this means this is no real song, which I can hear completely somewhere?

If it’s just a bit of original score then probably not, as the album doesn’t include much of these

Such a shame… :frowning: Nevertheless - Thank you!

You are welcome, thank you for bringing it up!