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FAQ - Kill Bill Volume 1 Soundtrack Questions

This topic is a collective F.A.Q. of all those “what’s the name of the song in kill bill one that plays…” topics.

Pleas read these here before asking the same question again


Q: What is the song/music played when the Bride sees Vernita Green and other enemies?

A: Ironside - Quincy Jones (on the CD)

Note: Check out the movie “Five Fingers of Death” (also known as “King Boxer”). It’s played like 6 different times in that movie and that’s where QT got it from.

Q: I cant find a song. This song is from when the bride walks out of the club after she works the whole place. She and o-ren have the wicked duel, but no one has the music and I don’t where to find it?

A: “Don’t let me be misunderstood” by Santa Esmeralda (on the CD)

Note: The version used in the movie IS the same song on the soundtrack (Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda), it’s just edited slightly. The handclap intro is extended for a bit before the guitar comes in, and then there’s another edit to cut out the singing.

Q: On the Kill Bill: Volume 1 main DVD menu… What is that song’s name & who is it by?

A: It starts with Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrmann, then changes to Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomyasu Hotei.

Q: What song plays right after the Shaw Brothers Theme, When it says Feature Presentation?

A: That’s not an offical song. It is a popular tune for those Astro Daters (thats how they are called). Grindhouse Releaseing produced this Dater and you can’t find it as a song. Some sites have it available for download as “feature presentation” or something like that

Q: What’s that song in the beginning part of the Vol. 1 trailer on the DVD (“I was quite the professional…”)?

A: The Dramatics - Get up and get down (not on CD)

Q: I was wondering if anyone out there knows what song is playing during the credits of Kill Bill vol.2? It plays when there is just a black and white close up of Uma driving?

A: “A Silouette of Doom” (Ennio Morricone)

Note: This is from the movie Navajo Joe

Q: The song I am looking for is at the end of the movie, a bit after the initial credits. It’s a woman singing.

A: Goodnight Moon - Shivaree

Q: What is the name of the track in volume 1 when the bride is fighting O-ren outside in the snow. It sounds like there is a Spanish guitar in it as well as clapping?

A: Don’t Let me be misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda (on the CD)

Q: the song im looking for is played when the swordmaker writes on the window ‘Bill’ and tell the Bride to sleep there and train. and the song is played again when at the end she is making the list again on the plane and the swordmaker is in the background decribing “revenge” and how its “a forest”.

A: Lonely Shepherd - Georghe Zamfir (on the CD)

Q: what’s the song playing in the background in the dvd menu? And the song Elle was whistling in the hospital

A: Twisted Nerve - Bernard Herrman

Q: I wanna know what music plays in the trailer after Bill talks and it starts asking the different questions like “How did the Bride become so deadly?”

A: Thats Luis Bacalov’s “Summertime Killer” from the Vol. 2 OST.

Q: Does anybody know the name of the song that plays in the end credits for Kill Bill: Volume 1?

It’s the song that plays after “The Lonely Shepherd”. The song isn’t on the sounstrack so could anyone please tell me the name of it?

A: That must be “Urami Bushi” by Meiko Kaji. She has done “Flowers of Carnage” on the soundtrack and the brilliant “Urami Bushi” track will be on the soundtrack of “Kill Bill: Vol. 2”

Q: The musoc played at the beginning of the scene of the Boss Tanaka clan meeting, where The Bride narrates & says “this is sofie fatale…this is gogo yubari…this is jonny mo” & on each face the music goes “boing” & theres also music in the background, does anyone know what that is or do they have it?

A: It’s probably a sound effect cooked up by RZA, since he was responsible for the ‘original’ score

Q: what song is being played at the beginning of the “House Of Blue Leaves Battle”? It begins with acoustic guitars and then a cool chant enters the track. By the way, the track is not on the Vol. 1 soundtrack. What CD is the track from?

A: From man to man - Ennio Morricone (Death rides a horse)

Q: What’s that clapping song played when The Bride fight Oren? It starts with rythmic clapping, and then goes into this crazy 70’s / spanish guitar type thing

A: Santa Esmeralda - Don’t let me be misunderstood

Q: What song opens the Anime sequence?

A: Its Long Day of Vengeance by Armando Travajoli, there is no Morricone in the Anime chapter.

Q: The song is the one played about midway through the fight at The House of Blues Leaves, it is exactly at the part where she starts to twirl around on the floor and look like she is break dancing and she cuts off a guys foot and he is holding it in his hand. I believe the songs lyrics repeat the words “Nobody, nobody…” It is a pretty fast paced song… Anybody have a guess as to what song this is?

Q2: It’s during the fight in the House of the Blue Leaves. Just after O-Ren leaves, the music builds up and then explodes into what I can only describe as surfer’s music. The Bride is on the ground, spinning around cutting off limbs, and the song is really upbeat and cool, and I really want to know what it is.

A: Nobody but me - Human Beinz

Q: Hi does anyone know what the sing is in Kill Bill vol.1 where she is looking at Hottari Hanzo’s swords?

A: Wound that heals - lili chou chou

Another little overview from user MrBlondeBill:

"Kaifuku Suru Kizu"

by Lily Chou-Chou (?) This is the music from the scene involving Hattori Hanzo and “The Bride” in Chapter 3.

"Nobody But Me"

by Human Beinz This is from the big fight scene between The Bride and the Crazy 88 in the House of Blue Leaves.

"I’m Blue"

by's This is the second song that the band perfrom in the House of Blue Leaves.

"From Man To Man"

by Ennio Morricone This is from the start of the scene at the House of Blue Leaves where “The Bride” calls out O-Ren Ishii. Just before Crazy 88 turn up. This is from the movie of the same name (da uomo al uomo)

"7 Notes in Black"

by Vince Tempera

From the scene where The Bride climbs out of her hopsital bed, waits for Buck to come back in, and slices his achilles heel. This is from the movie of the same name

"Truck Turner"

by Isaac Hayes

Where The Bride rolls into the car park on her wheelchair, looking for Buck’s “Pussy Wagon”. This is from Truck Turner

"Music Box Dancer"

by Frank Mills updated

This is from before, and briefly after, the fight with Vernita (it’s the music that sounds like there’s an ice cream truck).

"Long Day of Vengeance"

by Armando Trovaioli

From ‘Origin of O-Ren’, the part whee O-Ren’s father has a sword impaled through his head…

"Police Check Point"

by Harry Betts

From ‘Origin of O-Ren’, the part whee O-Ren’s father has a sword impaled through his head…


by Meiko Kaji

It’s the final song on the credits. It’s from Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41

"Shaw Brother’s Theme"

Plays at the beginning of the film, in the title sequences.

"The Grand Duel M10"

by Luis Bacalov

This fades in when The Bride is in the back of the Pussy Wagon, and is used in ‘Origin of O-Ren Ishii’.

Is Armundo the short extract of song when the title card for Chapter Two fades away and we open on an aerial view of the blood splattered chapel

just thought id poost this link that i found in my travels

Whats the song in Vol,1 at the beginning of Chapter 5 when the Bride is going a small origin of a few characters, not the sound effect that plays when ever she says a name. There is another song playing in the backround, what is it?


Q: Does anyone know what the name of the beautiful piece of flute music that was played as the credits came up at the end of the movie?

A: Lonely Shephard - Georghe Zamfir

Q: What is the song/music played when the Bride cut Sofies Fatale hand and looks at O-ren ?

A: Ennio Morricone - From Man to man (da uomo a uomo)

Q: the song that plays during the anime scene when you see O-Ren in the red catsuit and she kills that guy in the limo?

A: Run Faye Run


Lily Chou Chou is a fictitious pop icon from Shunji Iwai’s movie All about Lily Chou Chou, not a real person.

For purchasing any albums of “Lily Chou Chou”, there’s Kokyuu & Kyomei

The original soundtrack to the movie is here, the composer of the movie is Takeshi Kobayashi, added with piaono work from Claude DeBussy

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Hello my friends!

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My question is; does eneyone know the name of the track (in kill bill 1) what can be heard quite end of the movie in that part where oren ishi comes out from the room and (Uma Thurman) cuts “firs ladies” hand off. What is the track and the name of the maker? The track is not in the soundtrack.

I found the track!


I was wondering if you know where the song " bang bang " came from. quentin hears alot of great music from his favorite movies and puts them in his like the lady snowblood song.

it’s just a song by Nancy Sinatra, the lyrics of which kind of fit the movie perfectly