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Fangoria Grindhouse Scans

Awesome!! Thanks very much for this! I cant wait to see how the Sickos mutate! Those are some nastyass mofos!!

All we need now is the new Death Proof issue. :slight_smile:

Cool! Thank you very much. Btw I am a member of your myspace site.

That article gives a big hint as to where the missing reel will be placed. Sounds like a cool idea to me. 8)

I didnt read the article, what does it say about the reel?


"So in “Terror”, we’ve got this mysterious hero and you don’t know where he comes from or what he does, and then the missing reel occurs and when you come back, suddenly the supporting characters have this respect for him because they found out who he is, but the audiences will never know! It’ll feel like you went on a long bathroom break, but you can pick right up on the story and figure out what’s happening."

Im betting El Wray is the hero

I think it says straight up El Wray is the hero in there. Thats what I got from it. Hes supposedly like a male version of The Bride. He knows kung fu etc.

I didnt read it though

I bought Fangoria on saturday, good read.