Fan Poster for Django Unchained

I put this together and figured I would share with fellow Tarantino fans.

Warren Oates in a Tarantino movie! Awesomeness!!! ;D

Good job with this. I love the coloring on it.

here’s one with a better image of Leo

Thanks Laydback! :smiley:

incredible! Thanks. Love that ‘Gone with the wind’ feeling.

Here’s an official poster

<LINK_TEXT text=“Spaced complete series DVD review - The Quentin Tarantino Archives … unchained/”>Teaser posters, synopsis and websites for Django Unchained - The Quentin Tarantino Archives</LINK_TEXT>

That synopsis still gives me the chills all this time on!

Also I love that poster (this one here):

But I prefer how the one in the article above is actually in Spanish - always adds a wistful sense of adventure I find! I have been trying to find something like those art posters above here. They also have some quite cool Kill BIll ones as well.