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Fake teaser poster?

Early teaser poster?

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1039lo.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

Or fan made?

Whats the point of posting that link and asking US? I dont know. Anyone can make a fake movie poster.

Niiice poster either way

Yeah, that’s why I posted it anyway. Coz either way, it’s baddass!

it is well made and with all the color test stuff it looks rather real :wink: i’m excited, fake or not

edit: after taking a closer look (magnifying glass etc), I’d say IF it is real it must be a draft, as there’s clearly a mismatch in quality/resultion between the text and the background, also the universal and weinstein logos, while visible, are very hard to read. but for a fake, these details would be remarkably smart. If this is in fact real, I think the general idea is pretty sweet…

I dont care who made it. If its well made or not. I want to know if its the real thing. WTF?

Dont post this kind of shit in here if its not confirmed.

How did you even find it? It just magically appeared?

chill out pete. wtf is going on… it was posted on IMDB…

Calm down!

I’ve no idea where it came from. Someone randomly posted it on IMDb.

I would bet on a fake. the writing / title looks too simple and the contrast with the rest isn’t right. but i’m not a graphics pro. the idea with the “reichsadler” ist good, though.

I’ve no idea where it came from. Someone randomly posted it on IMDb.

Why didnt you just write that you found the link on IMDB then? Instead of acting like you found it on Google search or something?

Edit: Mightve been smart to have just opened a separate topic (like there is now) and added some info on where the link was found, just out of general courtesy to everyone who wants solid news.

I didn’t want to make a new topic for something that could easily be fake. Beside, it’s not as if there’s loads of breaking news as of late.

ok i made a separate topic out of this. satisfied?

pete will sleep better tonight, that’s for sure. ;D

Ill just post a link to a picture, no info on where I found it. DUHHHHHHH.

If I wanted to play Guess If The Movie Poster is Real, I’d say so. I want real news, confirmed news.

understand your point.

but still no reason to get hot about such a infantile subject, is it?

anyway, everybody his preferences.

…yeah so anyways…if youre going to post things like this and you dont know if its real or fake, give some bg info on where it was found. Thats all I ask.

Simple as that.

c’mon. next time before you post something you make sure to refer to the origin source, and i mean by name and address. and don’t misregard copyright, ok?

wtf, the guy who posted it just found it somewhere on the internet. imdb or google doesn’t make any difference, really.

he sais he didnt find it on the net, and i think that’s true. if he found it on the net it would be all over the place.

just use your imagination: the guy working for weinsteins in the graphics department leaves the test print-out on his desk, his 14-year old brat of a son sees it, scans it and puts it on the net, then puts it back on his dad’s desk. that’s how leaks happen. and this is romanticized :wink:

Maybe it is fake, maybe its real, scanned in by Joey Weinstein. Thats fine. Id really like to see the official teaser though.

circus: I’m the Troll Hunter on this forum, I can smell em from a mile away…

what i was wondering is, the movie hasn’t even started shooting and - let’s just assume here that it’s somewhat realISH - they have someone working on the artwork already. i just don’t see a reason for that… unless they really need some artwork to work with, or to feed the hungry mouths of the internets