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Fake qt blog

Seb I will keep trying

so, what’s the conclusion. Is it him? I don’t think it is. Just a gut feeling. I do want to believe it is though, so I’m gonna read it and read it and write to it etc.

real thing or phony, at least it convinced me to open my own blog. stay tuned, blogging is the IN sport of the year.

It’s sooooo fucking phony…he doesnt come with new news! he just repeats what already has been said by the real QT…this is just cruel!! why would someone do this!

you 've been bambloggled…

Maybe if I E-mail him and ask him to fuck me it might happen. Uh I highly doubt that its a real blog I say this because its just open to the public and a lot of those blogs or online journals are/can be “friends only”. He also already tells us shit we already know, things that “QT” has actually said in the press and what-not.

ok what we’ve waited for:

the Blog is bogus.



I LOVE how Avary calls him a “retard”, classic. But come on who really thought this was an actualy blog. I wonder what the guy/girl writing it will say in response to this. ;D

A new post has been put up saying that the blog is real, but whoever is really writing this says that Avary is trying to get back at him over Pulp. That sounds like total bullshit to me. :-/

Even if (especially if!) QT himself says this blog is BS, the fact is that the attention whore who writes for the blog got a lot of publicity for this blog, and I bet that’s exactly what he wanted to do.

The most ridiculous part is how he says his publicist doesn’t want people to know his/her name. Um, okay, the whole point of a publicist is to let EVERYONE know you are a publicist. No real publicist keeps their identity a secret.

But, for a hoax, it is interesting.

It doesn’t really ‘sound’ like Quentin Tarantino does it? I mean I have heard him talk in many an interview and have read what he says in many a magazine in my time and what is on that blog sure doesn’t seem like it is QT. I mean usually QT comes up with the most hilarious and unbelievable shit and a lot of times you are surprised by what he says but in the Blog he seems somewhat ordinary.

I just read it too. OK, we all know that QT can be arrogant at times, but with a statement like this,

“As many of you know, each of my movies tends to jumpstart a failing actors career. John Travolta and David Carradine in particular. I don’t wanna steal credit or anything because my ego’s big enough, alright, but basically that’s what I’m known for so I’ve been searching for expired actors for INGLORIOUS BASTARDS – people I like who’ve been in moviemaking hell for a while”

in the blog. I tend to think it’s not real. It’s like saying, without me they would be nothing. I don’t think Q would go THAT far.

Yeh, that quote struck me as being odd too. Franky, I don’t think it is him, there are quite a few things on there that Tarantino would never say especially that thing about M Night Shayamalan.

it’s bizarre how confidently that person continues to write in that blog. i mean, after all, we really dont know for sure. but its annoying to not get an official statement from QT

just bringing this up again. some people still think that blog is not fake. it is FAKE

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That’s nothing new though, it’s from August. But there are still loads of people who believe it is real. I think it is fake though, it just doesn’t seem like QT.

That’s nothing new though, it’s from August. But there are still loads of people who believe it is real.

that’s why i brought it (the topic) back up from the grave :slight_smile:

I see. You read the topic on any opinions?

I see. You read the topic on any opinions?

I dont fear competitors, so far I’ve outbeaten all of them, besides, I am working on a redesign of the main website and lots of content. and this forum is pretty good I think… so… let come. i mean, after all: they can run, but they cant hide :wink:


the problem is, is registered by Rigney Friedman Inc, (same adress as William Morris) which seems to be an agency where QT is a customer… so the question is: where does that faker have all that information from?