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Fake qt blog



>I hope it won’t get overhyped.

I am also an agreement at this idea.

I also believe that it is true…but… :wink:

haha you took the link down? man we are conspirators :wink:

I worried about it…and a conspirator’s way was chosen.

I’m the demon from which it got down on the earth.

hehehe ;D

Cant quite believe people regard this to be true

[quote]Cant quite believe people regard this to be true [/quote]

there’s no proof for either :wink:

Do you not think Mr T has better things to do like comb his hair forward to make him look younger, write films, hook up with fellow famous women and give Uma Thurman daily licks on her arse? His days are filled with so many activities.

would be so cool if he had this blog. and just give some info on his projects himself

This maybe a stupid questin, if it is then I’m stupid but What is BLOG?? A journal thing?? But what is the big fuss?

im lost in this also? was their a link or something???

[/color=Red]hey, what’s going on? I know what a blog is but I don’t see one here![glow]

plus I don’t know how to work these things…

I have read the supposed “Diary of Q.T.” or BLOG or whatever you want to call it. And I’ve got to admit it sounds like the real thing to me (or reads like it anyway). Although I must admit that my opinion is about as far away from expert as can be, if it really is Q.T. behind this, then I must say this is very exciting news and it will allow us to get the latest information regarding future projects straight from the man himself. But, if this turns out to be a hoax, which it very well may be, then may I just say that whomever is responsible for this BLOG is a tremendous loser with way too much time on his/her/their hands, albeit a very persuasive and convincing loser. :slight_smile:

I dont even think it sounds anything like him. It sounds like some teenager bored with the school holidays.

1) there was a link here and it was taken off, just for fun

2) it sounds both like a fake and like the real thing. its a mixed thing. you cant be sure of either

Seb did you receieve that scan I tried sending it again

Here’s the link

If we want to ask him a question to we write it to

Ha ha, check this out…

I’m pissed at you. My son snuck a PULP FICTION DVD into my home a year ago. He was 13. He was a Christian boy, very nice with good friends. He didn’t know the meaning of the word “fuck.” Now, a year later after watching the movie, he’s addicted to booze, crack, pot, cigarettes, quit Church, became an atheist, swears all day at his brothers, sisters and me. He stabbed his father with a knife, legally changed his name to “Vincent Vega” after holding his father at gunpoint and demanding it be done; then he opened up a brothel in the backyard and started having sex with women with black hair like the evil vixen in your movie. You are an evil man and responsible for the downfall of my son. I hope you rot in hell.

  • An Anonymous Mother

    Geeeez-us fucking Christ, I get this shit all the time. Typical irresponsible parent bullshit, blah blah blah, here’s an idea: Control your child from now on. And c’mon he opened a fucking brothel? Someone’s doing a bit of exaggerating here. I’m sick of bullshit where parents blame the videogames, then admit they let their kids play them 12 fucking hours a day. Get a grip and pay for your own faults – stop blaming filmmakers.

please dont spam this thread now with quotes from the blog, we can all read it now.

@fatale: havent gotten any email from you, sorry

I wasn’t going to spam the thread with quotes from the blog, I just thought that was interesting, jeez.