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Esteban Vihaio

Hey, i was just wondering if anyone knew who QT originally cast for this part?

i was wondering this too i saw him talk about how that guy got sick and parks was perfect for it

I have always imagined Estaban as sort of a Harvey Keitel character… but I dont know who was supposed to play him

I think QT always wanted Parks for it. As good as Parks did with the role, I wished it was Tomas Milian who played Esteban. Can you imagine if Kill Bill had David Carradine,Sonny Chiba,Tomas Milian, and Gordon Liu in it?

Wet dream material. :stuck_out_tongue:

are you sure? I thought I saw a KB interview (possibly on one of the DVDS features) that said that another actor was lined up for Esteban, but couldnt do it, and as Parks was on set milling around they pulled him in to do it ( I dont think they mentioned the name of the original cast actor though)

ya that’s what i saw on the Vol2 Making of Feature. I can’t imagine anyone else as Esteban. But Quentin obviously did have someone else in mind.

I think, that Parks a excellent actor. His Esteban really great, especialy a moment, when he said “You a wonderyomg lady…”. Amazing!