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Enzo Castellari's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS released on DVD (german RC2)

Finally, I will see this one! It’s 2 days away from being released in german speaking regions.

It has Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson (If you don’t know who those two are, kindly kick yourself)

aka G.I. Bro ;D

announced as a "Long cut"

Including a Makig Of, english and italian audio and german subtitles.

Fred Williamson is the man.

Nice! But QTs will be better!! :wink:

without a doubt.

well yeah since they are gonna be two totally different movies. im pretty sure too a new QT movie will be better than a cheap 70’s exploiter.

This looks great. Anyone seen it?

when will this be released in R1 dvd?

when will this be released in R1 dvd?

the swedish cover is better :wink: and I believe its a two disc

when you get the dvd tell me how it is because i may just order the R2 version of the dvd.

I bought the DVD today and watched it.

It has good sound and great picture quality. You can choose between the italian and english language version. Among the extras there is a Making Of and the original italian trailer.

The movie itself:

The story: 5 US-soldiers in WWII are due for execution because they are deseteurs, murderers and thiefs. They manage to escape during a german attack and from thereon, try to make it to Switzerland. But they have to deal with partisans and heaps of Nazis and enventually become wrapped up in an important Allied mission.

I like every movie genre there is except one: I don’t like war movies. Luckily for me, this is about as much of a war movie as The Dirty Dozen or Wild Geese. It’s not a drama, it’s more action-oriented. Lotsa shooting and explosions. It’s also a bit of a comedy. That is mostly due to the fact that throughout the movie Bo Svenson (who, btw rules) and the evil Nazimen try to sound german. I am Austrian, therefor german is my native tounge. And I can tell you that there was not a single german word uttered in this movie (they speak german a lot!) that sounded genuine, which is too funny. This movie makes war seem fun and exciting. The ending is great too.

If you need any final conviction, just think about Fred Williamson in his prime running around shooting Nazis with a cigar in his mouth. Oh, and there is female nudity.

Why didnt you wait for the swedish dvd thats coming out in August? But it doesnt have the making of sadly

Why didnt you wait for the swedish dvd thats coming out in August? But it doesnt have the making of sadly


are there any special features on it?


  • “The Inglorious Bastards” uncut, in a new remaster.

    DISC 2
  • Exclusive video interview with the director Enzo G. Castellari (25 min).
  • Exclusive video interview with the composer Francesco De Masi (60 min).
  • Biographies and filmographies featuring Bo Svenson, Fred Williamson and Enzo G. Castellari.
  • Trivia.
  • The original trailer.
  • Picture gallery
  • Studio S-trailers.
  • Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish subtitles.

my version is also fully uncut and remastered. and i would not be able to watch the movie in its original italian version with german subtitles with the swedish dvd. besides, where the heck would i get a swedish dvd?

Why the heck would I get the german dvd? Im sure there is a website somewhere(any help please!)

what company in sweden is releasing it? Atlantic Film?

Studio S Entertainment

read my review of the german DVD here:

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it’s a fucking awesome dvd. a great movie

Stydio S entertainment is also a part of Njutafilms/ I dont know if does international orders though, you could try and email them or something and maybe they do a special order for you guys otherwise ^^

does anyone own the region 1 vhs and is a good copy of the film?