Ennio Morricone says Tarantino is a cretin and his movies are trash

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Why is the maestro so salty? Is he pissed that QT never used his whole score for Hateful Eight (I thought he agreed that Tarantino can cut it up, using what he needs, like he always does)? Or is he raw that Quentin said he can never allow anyone to control the music in any of his films (implying, ever a great maestro like Morricone)? I still can’t believe this is a current interview. I remember Morricone issued a clarification for the last time this same critique of Quentin Tarantino was publish several years ago. Who is regurgitation this shit and for what purpose?

Maybe Playboy Germany isnt the most reputable source… who knew

This also goes a bit more into the history:

I asked Playboy whatsup and they sent me their reply which says they are amazed about the statements and that the interview took place etc


My bet was always on shitty translation or a shitty contractor…

I’m actually glad that this story is false…

We knew this from the get go: