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Empire's best 18-rated movies

I normally don’t like lists, but seeing as this one has an original topic, plus it’s only half-serious, it made me kinda like it.

And yes, the original Die Hard is there.

Okay Robocop,Oldboy,and Die Hard should have been on the top 10. Godfather #1 wow i’m not surprised! most of them i agree with…thanks for posting.

i agree with some but most i dont agree with.

I don’t think the ranking is over-serious, and I don’t think too much thought went into placing them. That’s not a bad thing, because it’s a good article, and an interesting read. Besides, I prefer this kind of lists because it’s more about reading the review instead of reading a list.

Come to think of, we would miss out on a lot of movies if all the 18-rated and R-rated movies were illegal.