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Empire Movie Contest - Cool waste of time

I don’t know if the contest is over, I think it is… But the contest is a cool one. You have to guess the names of 20 films based on the picture clues. Here’s the link It’s late, so I only got two. How well can you do?

I have 49 on 50… But I don’t see where the last is, ahaha. So I’m pretty much stuck.

Ahah, edit, just found it but cause I clicked everywhere on the painting :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: That is soooo cool. I am so stuck on that thing. LOL.

hehe! It’s funny but I’m not the kind of person who’s gonna be able to find them all. When I see the kind of reflection I had to make to find the ones I found (I had 11), it’s gonna take me ages to find the meaning of every of them :o

Ahah, ok then I’m gonna help you. Did you even find Pulp Fiction ?

Ahah, ok then I’m gonna help you. Did you even find Pulp Fiction ?

whaaaat? no.

now I found it…I had to search for a few minutes even though I knew there was pulp fiction somewhere :o

Ahah. What movies have you found ? And what are the ones you are thinking of ?

where is pulp fiction??? I’ve found about 14 so far… Could you list the movies?

Nevermind, i found it. I’ve got 17 so far…

The lady who’s mixing the books is Pulp Fiction.

I don’t remember all the movies but I can list the ones I remember if it can help. Depends if RatQuiRit also wants the list. If you got the name of the movies, I guess it’s easier to find them. But you can tell me ideas you have and I’ll give you clues.

Hint #1 : There’s a Brue Lee. And since he hasn’t done a lot, you’ll find easily.

Found that one thanks to the clue :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got 24 so far, can’t find more