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Empire Magazine's Death Proof Review

Here’s what Britian’s leading movie mag had to say about the new DP Cut

b :slight_smile:

Yeah, they gave Grindhouse 5 stars, I wonder what they’ll give Death Proof. Pretty cool review, the audience seemed to have loved it.

Another good review for this project, now hope it’ll get more good responses in Cannes and they might bring out the longer version in the US as well.

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heres the guardian uk review

I believe this person hasn’t seen Grindhouse at all and just Death Proof here…

the empire article said: 'After the debacle following the double bill’s release in the US we must admit to feeling slightly nervous, after all, Cannes was where QT’s rise to cult status started (with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction), and we couldn’t help feeling he was heading for a fall by insisting on a Competition slot, in the hope of securing a rare Palme D’Or double whammy.'

but i really dont think QT thinks hes going to get the palme d’or, hopefully itll get some kind of audience award if they offer one. though to me the films got that ‘bande a part’ kinda vibe to it, and it being a french festival and all, if he is going for it maybe he thinks this will be the reason why

has anyone got a pic of that new poster they described? 'the lurid poster (“These 8 Women Are About To Meet 1 Diabolical Man!â€


the DP to the left, in it’s own format. I have the poster myself, it’s pretty cool.