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I know all of his hits where written by other people and or co-written by him, but i have heard he has written some songs that where on albums but where not singles. Does anyone know what these songs are?

I´m listening to Elvis for a long time now, but I´ve never heard of any song he has written. Think I have about 600-700 songs, as far as I know everyone`s written by somebody else.But if I´m wrong I´d be very interested in those.

Presley was not a songwriter and was happy to simply interpret other people’s songs. According to Michael Bertrand, he "was an untrained musician who played entirely by ear. ‘I don’t read music,’ he confessed, ‘but I know what I like.’

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Most of your greats didn’t write their own material. Oddly enough, a lot of them wrote songs that other people made famous. A prime example is Willie Nelson. He wrote “Crazy” and “The Night Life” in the same week. Patsy Cline purchased “Crazy” and made a fortune with it. “The Night Life” was sung by Ray Price, Ray Charles, and a few others - it is now known as a Standard in the jazz world. I think that I read that Willie sold the pair of songs for less than $1000.00 !

I’ve only been faithfully listening to Elvis for about 5 years now, i heard alot of him at such a young age around when i was 5 years old though. On account of my aunt was obsessed with him, she even went out with an elvis imitator, she has a gigantic collection though compared to my Elvis collection. Thats what i thought, he wrote no songs. I was hearing he wrote a couple though, but must have been false info.