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Eli Roth

I just wanted you to see this exclusive myspace interview with Roth and Brolin. The funniest shit ever!

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That was pretty funny. Eli does a great QT impression. And the Starbucks-joke, lol.

Oh yeah! Farmageddon, now that was classic! I gotta see Josh Brolin in the new Coens movie, everyone’s talking about this film.

Here’s the first part of a two parter that Fangoria is doing on Eli Roth. This part involving everything so far, the next presumably by the small description paragraph at the top of the article, what’s yet to come. A cool read, and we might find out some more on his epic sci-fi pic (which revealed here is not Cell). Enjoy.

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Oh man, I only just watched that myspace vid, that’s hilarious. I already loved Josh Brolin, but seeing him there in hysterics at Eli’s trashy movies ideas, makes me love him even more.

New blog from Eli!

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Cool. I hadn’t checked his myspace in months since he went off to shoot the flick I thought he’d be a little busy to post anything new.

Thats awesome. He sounds so happy and excited as he should be.

OMG the baby wipes story IS true!

Look for my dirty message. Guess who I am? :-X

LOL @ “Man, you’re ripe”

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A little interview piece where Roth discusses some up coming projects and what happened on Cell. Maybe it’s known but I didn’t find out till I read it.

“This is my dog Dr. Mambo, say hello Dr. Mambo”