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Eli Roth Interview

He also talked about his mock trailer for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez horror anthology Grindhouse, his tribute to those great (and we use that adjective loosely) ‘80s slasher films based on holiday themes. Roth told us how that came about. "Quentin comes to me and he’s like [at this point Roth goes into an impressive Tarantino impression] ‘We’re going to do this fckin’ thing! It’s going to be like so cool, right? It’s going to be like Grindhouse and we’re going to have fake fuckin’ trailers! You gotta do one, cause Robert already shot his! Dude, check out the fckin’ lobby cards!’ It’s like they talked about it, but Robert literally went and shot his while they were on the phone…and then he did fckin’ lobby cards! This guy is unbelievable, like how did he do this? Then the lobby cards are what got everyone talking, they were so funny, and I was like, ‘I gotta do one of these things.’ There’s this slasher movie my friend Jeff and I’ve been dreaming about, cause growing up in Massachusetts, Thanksgiving is the biggest fckin’ deal, it’s ALL you hear about. Every year, there was a new slasher movie and it was a different holiday… it was ‘My Bloody Valentine’, ‘Friday the 13th’, 'Halloween, ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night.’ I’m like, ‘How can they not have done Thanksgiving?’ I’m like, ‘What are they going to start doing? Passover Massacre’? So when Quentin said, ‘Dude, you gotta do a trailer!’ and I was like ‘Thanksgiving! It’s my 1981 slasher movie, I’ve been dying to do it for years!’ We had all the gags worked out.

"But first he put me in ‘Grindhouse’ which is a whole 'nother weird experience and then while I was shooting ‘Hostel: Part II’, I was writing the trailer and then I just added two days on after and we took like a decapited head here and a body part, and we kind of recycled everything we had and threw it all into this trailer, and had a great time doing it! It was so much fun. It’s like two days of just money shots, every shot was like gore, nudity, no continuity, bad acting, just everything. ‘Who cares If there’s a light in the shot? It’s Grindhouse!’ It was so freeing to do something that was just fun and off-the-hook. I was like I really have to do something like this next, just something that’s going to be nuts and insane and fun, almost like an old Woody Allen movie, just to switch it up a little."

We’ll save Roth’s hilarious analogy about being in Tarantino’s segment of Grindhouse for our full interview from Comic-Con coming soon, then look for even more with Roth closer to the release of Hostel: Part II on June 8, but you can see Roth’s homage to '80s holiday horror films two months earlier when Grindhouse, which opens on April 6.

Now we know what Thanksgiving is alllllll about :wink:.

Atlast! Now we have some info about They Call Him Machete, Cowgirls in Sweden, Werewolf Women of the SS and Thanksgiving… The only remaining mystery is Edgar Wright’s trailer…

Where do you have info about cowgirls in sweden?

We dont but unlike Edgar Wright’s trailer atleast we know the name of it… Im kind of pissed of that Thanksgiving is Slasher movie trailer… Cuz we already have a slasher theme in the movie, Quentins Death Proof, unless we consider it a carsploitation… I hope theres a blaxploitation trailer… Now we have a zombie movie, a carsploitation movie, an action movie trailer, a sexploitation trailer, a naziploitation trailer and a slasher movie trailer…

Thx for the interview, very cool and always so hilarous to read when people starts to talk like QT using f#ck in every sentences. It sounds like a lot of fun.

But as Navajas said, too bed it’s a slasher trailer, cause we already have this kind of theme in Grindhouse. Nevertheless, I hope it will still be badass, that’s the main rule in the movie 8)

I doubt any of the trailers will look/sound alike whatsoever. It will be like a really cool mix of Grindhouse flavors thrown together. Thats the coolest thing about it. Roths def wont be like QTs film. Itll be some wild and crazy Thanksgiving themed gore film with tons of people getting killed in gruesome funny ways.

When I say pissed off, I dont mean PISSED OFF! Just a minor comment… This is the coolest movie ever and Im sure Im going to like every single bit of it. Whatever Quentin or Robert decide to do is gonna turn out to be perfect…

It would have been better if some director other than Roth would have contributed in making a trailer. Carpenter, Dante, Craven…you know somebody who was actually around in the seventies and has already paid his dues within the genre. Same goes for Edgar Wright. Still, I am looking forward to their contributions.

Edgar Wright was the worst choice, then comes Eli Roth! Rob Zombie isnt a good choice either but I liked the pics I saw of his trailer. So Eli and Edgar might surprise us too…

Thanksgiving sounds awesome

This whole experience is really about the younger generation who grew up watching the older films paying tribute to those guys. Nothin wrong with that IMO.

^^^ You made a perfectly good point! Btw what if Cowgirls in Sweden turned out to be just a rumor? >:( ??? :’( :embarassed:

Cuz I heard Miike and Carpenter might be directing two fake trailers and it turned out to be a rumor… I was so pissed off cuz I was really lookin forward for the Miike one… Also Carpenter doing Planet Terror’s score turned out to be a rumor… Until now we know nothing about Cowgirls in Sweden? Imagine if Quentin has no trailer!!! Plus I dont know why but a blaxploitation trailer SHOULD be there… It really should…

Yeah but in the case of Edgar Wright, let us not forget the guy is British. I doubt he grew up watching any exploitation films, especially since most of them had been banned from the UK for years. Weird choice of director indeed.

Atleast Roth and Zombie are HUGE fans of exploitation! Edgar Wright makes no sense! Trust me its all Quentin, he was so psyched about his Shaun of the Dead movie, he even said its the best movie of 2005!!! I hate when Quentin gets sooo excited about stupid ideads like a little kid… But again hes my favourite director and he earned the right to do whatever he wants…

Well, if QT didnt get excited like a little kid, we probably wouldnt be getting anything from him. Just remember that. :slight_smile:

Well, if QT didnt get excited like a little kid, we probably wouldnt be getting anything from him. Just remember that. :slight_smile:
Makin great movies is different than getting excited about stupid ideas… Like the Vega Brothers, or his short lived dream of directin a Friday the 13th which he then changed, or presenting movies that absolutely suck like Daltry Calhoun, or choosing Edgar Wright to do one of the trailers, or shootin a whole martial arts movie in Mandarin before Inglorious Bastards which most probably he wont do… Im just sayin he likes to talk alot…

Still with your doubts, I know they are all gonna RULE!, and for your thinking the Slasher trailer is stupid because we’re already seeing a slasher movie, If I remember those holiday movies, it was always something that had to do with Magic, so maybe some Evil thanksgiving pilgrim or most likely a Native American getting revenge or something, so it would be different.

Ofcourse… we just like to sound smart and contribute with our stupid opinions that no one cares about… Everything about the movie is gonna absolutely ROCK!!!

I bet there are more trailers, Quentin won’t do us wrong.