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El Mariachi

Is el mariachi good at all? If so, is it as good as desperado? I was just wondering because i noticed that you can get a two pack with them both and if it’s good i would probobly do that. thanks.

El Mariachi is 10x better than Desperado! It has really great characters, and it is a truly great piece of filmmaking. Can’t wait for O.U.A.T.I.M.!

the real point about El Mariachi, is the genius way how it was made. It’s really amazing filmmaking. El Mariachi shows you how talented Robert Rodriguez is. This was a bullshit budget he had, and the equipment sucked, and he had trouble over trouble, but it didn’t stop him to put ideas and ideas into a little film that looks like it was shot with twice the budget he had.

Also read his book and watch the special features, it’s damn interesting.

Anyone else think the guy who plays the BOSS looks like James Spader?

I forgot what the boss looked like; it’s been quite a while since I saw “El Mariachi”. But regarding the 2 DVD pack; I think it’s definetely worth the price. There is a very interesting feature called “The 10 minute Film School” which basically shows how Rodriguez managed to shoot certain scenes with the minimum budget and resources possible. “El Mariachi” is a great movie considering its budget, but “Desperado” is a far better movie IMO. It is more ambitious, has great action, an awesome cast (including the man QT himself), and the ever-gorgeous Salma Hayek. Hell, I still have to buy this 2-pack myself; it’s been quite a while since I last rented it.

for real - selma can’t act but she’s an amazing piece of ass!

Salma Hayek is just fucking hot. PERFECT body, NICE BIG ASS, NICE LEGS, NICE TITS, NICE FACE…holy shit.

But she can act dude, she just has a stron accent which deprives her from certain roles in Hollywood. Kinda gay.

Hm…I wonder if I used the word “deprived” correctly… ::slight_smile:

But yeah, Desperado is better than El Mariachi just because I think the music and acting in El Mariachi is just fucking annoying. I hate Spanish movies like that…but El MAriachi was definetely great for what it did, which is pave the road for independant filmmakers like myself.

Desperado is such a stylistic film, the opening monologue bu Steve Buscemi makes the movie a classic. Definetely one of the best Action films made

[quote]for real - selma can’t act but she’s an amazing piece of ass![/quote]

Check out “Frida” dude. You’d probably be surprised by her acting.

thanks im definately gonna get it now. thanks alot.

Yeah I hear she does a good job in FRIDA

Anyhow - I got the Desparado New Edition and enjoyed the sneak peak of OUTIMexico and the 10 minute showcase of how he shoots scenes

good stuff

where’d you get it? i couldn’t find it.


Check out “Frida” dude. You’d probably be surprised by her acting.[/quote]

And if you don’t like the acting, she gets topless a lot, too :wink:

Seriously, though, it’s a good movie. Better than the usual biopic fare.

One of the things I love about El Mariachi and Desperado and OUATIM are the goofy character names he gives people.

The bad guy in El Mariachi is named Moco - which means booger. The guy who originally had the guitar case full of weapons is named Azul, which means Blue - The guy wears a blue T-shirt the whole movie! Mocho’s second in command is named Bigoton, which means big Mustache. Guess what kind of facial hair he has? I find it funny anyway.

[quote]where’d you get it? i couldn’t find it.[/quote], please use my links. thank you :wink: the DVD is worth every cent. great special featuers

oh, i was planning on it. i was going to buy it on amazon if i couldn’t find it at best buy or something.

I’m glad I preordered the set because they only have the new editions of each movie by itself at Best Buy. THey are charging 15.00 a piece. They have a Once upon a time in Mexico preview on them. I hope the set I got has that too.

I just bought them both and i thought they were really great. For some reason i liked Desperado more than el mariachi, but thats probably just because of the Salma Hayek fuck scene. I really liked el mariachi and thought it was really good for 7000 dollars or whatever he had. The only thing i didn’t really like about desperado was the rocket launcher. That was pretty stupid. other than that they were both awesome films.

Yea, the whole rocket launcher guitar case thing was a little cheesy, and far fetched.

that’s exactly what i was thinking.

[quote]Yea, the whole rocket launcher guitar case thing was a little cheesy, and far fetched.[/quote]

The whole movie is kinda cheesey and far-fetched, but that’s what’s so great about it. Over the top cartoon gun action in a hyper realized southwest setting. Crazy over-the-top stuff is what keeps this from being just another schlocky, hollywood action picture.

When El Mariachi shoots someone, they don’t just fall backward dead, they explode through air like they were shot out of a cannon! C’mon! That makes it great!

I just got a pic of the three Mariachis from Desperado from and put it on my desktop. Looks pretty cool. And far-fetched. :slight_smile:

If you weren’t turned off by the bad guys’ complete inability to hit Banderas in the barroom scene, despite having superior numbers and weapons, I don’t see how you can be turned off by a rocket launcher in a guitar case.

I, myself, start falling asleep everytime I watch Desperado some time right after Buscemi dies.  For me, the movie peaks out somewhere between that scene and the bar scene, and despite the increased explosions and violence, it never quite reaches that perfect mixture of decent story telling, adrenaline, and testosterone, again.